Back from HK, pictures of the new store


Bagaholic Bee
Oct 19, 2007
Hi everyone! I was in Hong Kong last week with my family and it was my first time to see the new store in Canton Road. It was difficult to take pics because the store was so huge! I took a few though from outside the store and I thought of sharing them all with you tPFers. I also got a picture of the limited edition gold mirroir Bellevue bags...they're so pretty! I know that the bag has been posted here before but I thought I'd share my pics as well. :smile:

From inside the mall:

From the street entrance:

Mirroir Bellevue:

Main entrance:

I also thought of sharing another picture with you, the one above. It's called the Monolithe and I honestly don't know what it does but then it's priced at HKD 530,000 which is around USD 68,000!! :wtf: It looks like a stone frame with a small screen in the center that shows flowing liquid gold, kind of like the one in the ceiling of the store. Interesting haha.

Sorry for the long post! But I hope you enjoyed!