Back from HK. :) Come see what I got!

  1. Hi everyone!

    For the last month or so, I have been actively making polls of sorts for my hk trip (as most of you probly remember). They were mostly for black mc stuff, lodge, priscilla, eliza, shirley, and audra as contenders. Anyhoo, I came back from the trip already and ended up with 2 lv's that I really thought about and tried on for A LOT of times at 2 stores: the one in causeway bay (lee gardens two) and in central (the landmark). :yes:

    For the black mc I got an mc shirley which was the perfect size I was looking for to use on dinners and dates. :love: It fits my wallet, celfone, concealer pot , oil blotting sheets, and lip gloss which is generally the only things I bring on such occasions. Oh but I also did like the priscilla as a choice but my younger bro kept on saying it looked like a heavy bowling bag on me (I am very very petite size double zero and 5'2ish) and that it didn't look like something i'd wear very often. As for the lodge, which was originally what I was really thinking of getting, it didn't appeal to me that much at all.:sweatdrop: I think it looked awkward on me as the strap length wasn't exact and nor was it long enough to be long. I think it must be because I am tiny haha. In the end, both my brother and I thought the shirley looked the most elegant among the mc's I tried and trying it on in the mirror made me more convinced. hehe!

    The second (surprise) purchase was a damier azur speedy 25 which just came in when I went to the store on my last day! :smile: I couldn't resist not getting it because it looked so nice and fresh against my cream cardigan which i was wearing when I went in. hehehe. They said there was a waitlist too but I was able to get one nonetheless. I winked at the SA and said that it was my last day in hk and I have been looking forward for something azur. *wink wink* heehee. I felt a little guilty with this purchase though. It was totally not in the books! What do you think?

    Oh yeah of course, here are the pics:

    PIC 1: black mc shirley


    The lee gardens boutique only has one left which had green and white lv's and I had to go back to the landmark boutique to get their last one with purple and pink lv's. I totally love the color placement on this!

    PIC 2: Damier azur speedy 25 with free lv catalogues and a fashion coffee table book i got from relay bookstore (the cover girl is wearing a damier lined hoodie i think designed by marc jacobs)


    PIC 3: Some of my hk shopping haul


    PIC 4: LV at The Landmark in central


    PIC 5: In front of LV Lee gardens (I am also wearing a damier pochette melville which was soooo hassle-free!)


    Thanks for visiting my thread! I super enjoyed HK!!!!! Now I am totally on a ban until September. Then I'll get a white MC Shirley. hahahaha.
  2. Wow what a great shopping haul. Looks like you have lots of fun. Love it all.
  3. That Shirley is TDF!!!! I love the pink and purple LVs!! Wow... now I want one. The Azur Speedy is gorgeous too!! Congrats!
  4. congrats!!!!!!!!
  5. WOW!!! i :heart: that shirley!! congrats!
  6. congrats! your new bags are gorgeous! i love the shirley!
  7. nice haul congrats, do you collect converse shoes? i have 10 pairs...
  8. Congratulations!! Your pics are making me want to go hack to HK SOOOOOO badly!!!
  9. Both the shirley and the azur are gorgeous ... congrats and enjoy!
  10. thanks everyone!

    hi latinmalemodel, the converse shoes are for my bf :smile: I am trying to introduce it to his wardrobe so maybe you should talk some influence to him. haha! they're actually size 9's but look small coz of the angle. I got him a teal pair and the gray pair with pink piping is for my other younger brother. :smile:
  11. enjoy your new goodies!
  12. Congrats! Love the shirley!
  13. wouldn't wan't me to influence you'r bf he would go broke:sweatdrop:
  14. Great pics and cute stuff! :biggrin:
  15. What a fun experience and nice lots. Congrats!