Back from Hawaii with a REVEAL!!!

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  1. Very pretty and classy bag!

    A beautiful vacation and a beautiful Gucci! Congrats and Enjoy!:smile:
  2. ca-ute= cute in a dramatic tone!!!!!!!:faint::faint::faint: very nice congrats!!!;)
  3. Beautiful!!! Enjoy!!
  4. It is gorgeous! Congrats! :tup::tup::tup:
  5. OMG so cute!!!!!!!! Congratsss!!! I'm looking forward to seeing this style at the store. :smile:
  6. very very nice!
  7. Flip you NEED to give us a modeling shot! And yes the new shopping bags and dust bags are way better!

    ETA: how is the size in reference to the medium sukey?
  8. Congrats !! Flip!! And welcome back ! Yep we need a modeling pics !
  9. so cute! Congrats! I agree- we need some modeling pics!
  10. Thanks EVERYONE!!! Unfortunately, no modeling pics yet. Hopefully the weather holds up tomorrow and I'll get to use it to for the first time.

    In the meantime, here are some additional shots...

    Bottom of the bag...

    Side/angled view...

    Sukey Cousins - Sukey Medium Top Handle Zip Top & Sukey Boston

    Side View of both Sukeys

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  11. ^The sukey boston and the sukey top handle look adorable together! They're like the perfect match. :biggrin:
  12. They are totally different shapes but I think they are very similar size wise. I remember thinking that the Medium Sukey Tote was a little smaller than I would like and the Large Sukey Tote was gigantic. My Sukey Boston is larger than both the Medium Sukey Tote and this Medium Sukey Top Handle Zip top. The Sukey Boston is larger and slouchier where as this Zip Top is smaller and more structured.

    Hopefully modeling pics will come soon!
  13. That flight delay was INSANE! But yes, we definitely need to get together along with Krazy for some coffee and chit chat!

    I love the combo too - I didn't have color combo in my collection which makes this a perfect addition.

    Yes, ditto all that! All the reasons I wanted this bag.

    Thanks! Do you live in HI? I was born there and love going back to visit. I'm already planning my next trip back - LOL.

    Thanks Ghst! I love the Sukey Boston so much that I was almost tempted to get that version again with the off-white trim but when I saw the Top Handle Zip Top version, I just couldn't pass it up.
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    Last edited: Oct 3, 2010
    Thanks cogswifey, dguerrero3, papertiger, Lisa2007, ChiChi143, mzbag, Div4life, Lady Moe, shopaholicious, applepielicious and 1DaySoon!
  15. The shape sorta reminds me of the LV Palermo which is on my wishlist. :heart:
    The rounded bottom is nicer than the square bottom on the LV IMO.