Back from Greece, and a gift from DH

  1. So, I was really excited about my trip to Athens, and I thought I'd be able to visit one of the boutiques while there. With everything I had going on there (for my friends wedding), and the 110 degree weather I never made it to the center of the city to visit the LV store...:crybaby:I was hoping to buy/see some pieces that are hard to find here in the states.
    I did see lots of LV, real and fake. I saw mainly monogram and damier around the city. My denim baggy was the only one I saw. Lots of fakes at the airport, and some beautiful, real luggage at the Milan airport. I was in heaven there!
    My DH had taken a quick trip to Atlantic City last weekend, and made some fast $$$. I (jokingly) told him to hurry to the LV boutique before he gambled away the $$$, and buy me something small in pomme if they had it. Now I told him something small like a wallet or key cles. I was trying to describe what the vernis was, and told him to ask for the shiny red stuff LOL. I arrived home Tuesday to a pretty large sized brown bag. I was shocked b/c he had a change of luck at the tables and came home having lost $. He asked for something "shiny and red" and they showed him the amarante...he said he didn't like the red so he got me the Amarante Roxbury!!!!:drool: I immediately felt guilty having bought a few bags already this year. Then he told me that he almost returned it to get his $ back :tdown: so the guilt suddenly dissappeared and I became very protective of my new bag. The SA told him it was the last one they had, and he had to have it!
    My dilemma is only that I wasn't in LOVE with this before....I'm sure it will grow on me, but I'm wondering if I should exchange it for something else. I need to really think about it because I definitely need to branch off from all the monogram stuff. I was looking for a larger tote bag that would fit my laptop, but I also needed something that I could use while more dressed up. I hate to return anything he picks out b/c I don't want him to take it personally...what a good dilemma to be in.
    Sorry this got so long! I definitely missed this place while I was gone! I'll try to post pics later.
  2. OMG! Didn't you just love Greece! My DH and I went there 3 years ago and fell in love. Hit the islands if you ever go back. I would say keep the bag.:okay: The Amarante is a HOT color. Purple and Wine is the color for the fall. Not to mention it is just a classy color. And give your DH a great big welcome home hug! Great purse!!!
  3. I agree. You should keep the bag. It will be perfect for fall and winter. How sweet of your dh!
  4. Keep the bag; you will be in love with vernis before you know it!
  5. Post pictures! :drool:
  6. aww thats so cute of him! just explain that you love the bag but would it even more if you chose it together and then take the Roxbury back, im sure he will understand :smile:

    the amarante is beautiful though!!! xx
  7. keep the bag but If you're not loving that bag then return it.

    The Amarante color is so beautiful