Back from gay paree....

  1. Just got back from our paris trip late last night, I must say it was handbag heaven! Chanel, Bal, LV, Fendi, Gucci, Dior galore................... my OH said I spent most of our time looking at other girls bags while they looked at mine, I was wearing in my lovely black Bayswater! I did see a fair bit of Mulberry over there, a chocolate Roxanne which had some sort of glace finish, a chocolate bayswater, a brown Oxford (the first time I've seen anyone carry one of those!) and some guy with a chocolate mulberry man bag (might have been a ridley but I'm not clued up enough on the messengers). One common theme was that all the Mulberry I saw was chocolate or brown, which has now served to make me think I need something Mulberry in chocolate............:angel:
  2. Brown is a good safe colour to go for , but I prefer a bag with a bit of colour as my clothes are so sad and drab !!
  3. Oooo, hello!! Sounds fab!!! Good to know you were flying the flag with a Mulberry!!I though as it being Paris and well chic and all that the colors would be a bit wilder, but I can imagine Dior,Chanel.LV,Gucci etc to be really popular over there!! Andy and myself went to Rome on honeymoon(before I was really into bags) and we went down 'the designers street' via Condotti or something and there was just tons of Dior and Gucci about on extremely glamorous ladies!!

    Good to know handbag spotting is an international sport from the sounds of it!!! Hope the weather and food was good and you had a great break!!!!xxx
  4. Orkney, was wondering where you were! Glad to hear that Mulberry has filtrated the style capital. I was in Paris in Feb and didn't spot one Mulberry, all Longchamp Le Pliages!
  5. I know! I was really surprised that I saw so much Mulberry in Paris, but I guess where designer handbags are EVERYWHERE there's bound to be a few parisian ladies with impeccable taste! I agree about the Longchamp and also LV was everywhere, I'm now thinking I want one of those LV shoppers:shame:....but I really couldn't see myself carrying anything other than Mulberry!
  6. I was in Nice in October and nearly bought a Longchamp Pliage but decided it just wouldn't look as stylish in Bath! I really ike the way the French support their own brands although playing spot the handbag does get boring when it's all LVs!
    I do think Mulberry will become more widespread in Europe particularly now it's advertising is more high profile and following the success of Mabel & Roxanne.