Back from france. . .my H experience *pics*

  1. I have always been a fan of the hermes birkin and kelly bags and I have always dreamed about getting a birkin from a hermes store. But I knew about how hard it was to get one :crybaby:. We don't have a hermes store here in the philippines so it was impossible for me to establish a relationship with any SA / store and get a chance to be offered a birkin.

    This year my DH and I went to france and from previous research here on TPF;) Hermes forum I knew this was my chance to get one at a Hermes store.

    So here is my story.:yes:(sorry long)
    We had ONLY 4 days in france. (and 1 whole day was spent at LV :sweatdrop:)
    I tried the small boutiques first I went to George V closest to the LV flagship and got a clic clac bracelet, an H lock and a triangle shaped scarf (?) that looked like the travelling H scarf. I asked the wonderful SA who helped me if there was a chance to see a birkin. She said she had no stock around today BUT to try to call her tomorrow around 11:30am.
    I was lining up to go to the top of the eiffel tower when I called the SA from George V at exactly 11:30am. She answered and said she had a 30cm togo Blue Jean for me and my heart sank. . . I just got a blue suhali bag from LV and didn't want another blue bag. And so I told her that I didn't like the color but would still come around 4:30 to see the bag.
    Forward to the afternoon, my DH got sick and we had to stay in the hotel after the Eiffel Tower and he said to wake him up at 4pm so we could go to the boutique. When I tried to wake him, he was soooo tired and sick he couldn't get up. I was resigned not to go to the boutique anymore since my DH was sick and I didn't like the color anyway. So at 4:30pm I called the SA and told her that I was sorry I will not be able to come and she said. . . YOU DON'T LIKE THE BLUE JEAN right? and I said yes and she said I kept another bag for you a 30CM Chocolate Brown Togo Birkin PH. I got so excited, I was speechless after realization hit I was jumping up and down (but couldn't scream since DH was sleeping) and I told her I would come at 5:30pm. My DH heard everything and he told me we should go get it now even if he was sick and so we went to the shop and I saw this beautiful bag and I took it home with me. I love it soooooo mucH. This is my H experience. Just wanted to share, here are pics of my bag
  2. Congrats!!! :yahoo: Another great Paris Hermes story! Enjoy your new baby!
  3. Looks great!
    Wonderful how everything worked out.
  4. Jen, thanks for your great story. Your Paris experience sounds fantastic (except for the sick part) and you are so lucky to be offered 2 Birkins in one day! It sounds like you got some other heavy duty shopping done as well. Enjoy your scrumptious chocolate.
  5. Congrats!!! What a gorgeous young lady you are...stunning, your new Birkin looks fabulous on you.

  6. Thanks everybody! It was truly memorable. This was my first time in paris, my first hermes . . . first everything. Just wanted to give those who are hoping for one (like I was before) a boost that it could really happen.
  7. What a gorgeous bag, looks absolutely fantastic on you! Congratulations and enjoy!
  8. Congratulations!!! You are gorgeous, and your new birkin is fabulous!!! Enjoy in the best of health!
  9. I have to say I MAJORLY broke my bag ban in paris and florence. But was all worth it!

    Btw, I also went to the FSH store and my DH got on the list for an etoupe taurillon 35 cm birkin as a gift for our 10th year wedding anniversary next year! I love him so!
  10. Eeeek! It sounds like we were in Paris at the same time! I'm SO happy for you. And what a great DH you have! Your new 30cm is just perfect on you; you look absolutely beautiful with it.
  11. i know orchids. I was thinking that when I saw your thread. :smile:
  12. Dear Ms. Jen:


    That DH of your is SURE A KEEPER!!!

    You look STUNNING!!! Welcome to the 'DARK side'...

    PRE-happy anniversary to you and your DH!!!
  13. im glad DH is understanding my obsession with bags. He has been very supportive. Funding my purchases and taking the pics. He was the one who took both pics of the bag because he knew I was no use with a camera.
  14. Thanks girls! Was so excited to share my story with you. (Because only girls from TPF would understand) More pics of my other loots from H tomorrow. Haven't unpacked yet.
  15. Jen, you have it all! A wonderful DH, a trip to Paris and now, a Birkin....:heart:
    Big Congratulations!!:yahoo: it's a beautiful Hermes!