Back from France - dilemma - please help!

  1. Hi all - just back from the south of France. I took Jill's advice and headed in to Jean Charles in Nice where they had a great Prada selection, although no Miu Miu.
    I ended up buying the e/w gauffre satchel in black. It was listed as 1580 euros but I got it for 1500 which came out at £1050. Now I'm home I'm just not sure about it. I don't think it's big enough and I'm contemplating posting it back for a refund. What should I do??
  2. OHHH!I adore that bag!!!!
    post a pic of u wearin it so we can see it on u size wise!!!
  3. I'll try and post some either later or tomorrow.
    Jill - do you know if the Jean Charles store is OK about refunding returned goods? I can't see there should be a problem as it will be within a week of purchase, unused and with the original receipt.
    I'm seriously thinking about getting the black Miu Miu coffer instead - it's more my size. (I'm an English 16/18 so big bum!)
  4. ^they WILL accept returns thru post....I asked that when my frind bought me shoes there..LOL.......Which size is this one???
  5. I think it must have been the smaller one. I've just posted it back now. I've located a coffer in Bath in black and it's being held for me. I think it's a much better size to balance my butt! Thanks for your help.
    Jean Charles was a great shop, although they kept the bags under lights in cabinets so the leather was hot when the bags came out. Wierd.
  6. too bad the bag didn't work out for you.
    there should be more Miu Miu/ Prada shops around :yes:
  7. Hi SaraJane! Welocme back! Sorry the bag didn't work out for you... did you try the larger size? If you haven't, give it a try! But, the Coffer is a bauty, too! Either choice will be right! :smile:
  8. Oh bummer sara!! I'm glad at least you found a bag that you truly love..keeping one that's not quite hitting it for you isn't good...although I just about DIED when you said you didn't like it!! I LOVE that bag...if I didn't have the one in cera I'd be ALL OVER that bag!! When are you getting the miu miu?

  9. Hi Emmy - It wasn't that I didn't like the bag. I thought it was absolutely beautiful. I saw it in the blush, camel & black. They also had the antik cervo in camel in the bigger size & smaller in black. I think I rushed the decision because I had two friends with me (one a man). Somehow the e/w shape just didn't work on me. I tried the coffer before I went to France and really liked it but wanted to see the e/w IRL before deciding. Now I think the coffer is definitely better for my shape and I'm getting it TOMORROW! Yippee......
  10. ^Tomorrow!?!?! Congrats!! Can't wait to see the pics!!!
  11. Well girls, I've been to Bath and got my Coffer - black lambskin. I know I have made the right decision this time. I absolutely looooove this bag. I was sweating it though as when I rang to see if they still had it, the shop had been broken into and the gang had cleared out Tods, Hogan, Gucci and Miu Miu bags! Fortunately mine had been put by in the office so they didn't get it. I'll post pics later.
  12. Oh Sarajane! I can't wait to see your pics!! Please model it for us!! I'm happy for you that you got what you really wanted... And how lucky that your bag was safely hidden from a robbery -- It was meant to be!

    OK, fire up the camera, woman! :smile: