Back from Dubai with new stuff!


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Mar 12, 2006
Just came back from Dubai today morning, was there since Sunday.. Did lots of good shopping.. Of course I went to LV to get some things.. It's my bday today so these are some of my presents.. My SA there is sooooo sweet and I stayed in the shop for about an hour chatting with her, trying bags, she even showed me the back room full of bags *dies* lol.. She also knew it was my bday today (I was there yesterday) so she gave me an MC bookmark as a gift :graucho: ... I ended up with a bag, keychain and 2007 calender refills for my agenda.... I also got put on the waitlist for every new Spring bag, so I'm the first for each one lol .. Enjoy the pics, I'm going out now to celebrate!







thanks Baby Boo.. .She is also trying to get me a Miroir papillon in either silver or gold from the next shipment.. There was one in the shop in Emirates Mall (in silver) that I got to play with before the lady who was on the list for it came.. I shopped in Burjuman as my SA is there...