Back from Disney/Vegas trip

  1. Our trip to California Disneyland and Universal Studios and Las Vegas was awesome. I cried when we got home, that's how much fun we had. However I did get something as a souvenier. As someone else mentioned, LV from LV, hehe. The trip itself was for our anniversary and my birthday and as promised hubby got me my 2nd LV handbag, a framboise reade pm. I love the color. However, that wasn't it. My kids got me a little birthday present there too. :smile:
    100_1383.JPG 100_1384.JPG
  2. Here is my birthday present from my kids, a framboise cles. My 2 LVs from LV, the framboise reade pm and framboise cles. And also a picture of my framboise family. I :heart: the color.
    100_1385.JPG 100_1382.JPG 100_1379.JPG
  3. So Pretty!!!!!!!
  4. Thank you. I am loving the color and enjoying looking at it right now.
  5. i like the gem, too!
  6. Omgosh so pretty!!!! You are going to look gorgeous!! happy Bday too!!
  7. LOVE the color, what a beautiful set you have and what a wonderful family!!! Congrats:heart:
  8. Thanks, it's a little plastic Hello Kitty figure that matched the color so I put it in the pic. :P
  9. congrats! so pretty I love framboise!
  10. Thanks, me too.
  11. oooo how old are your kids
  12. love them! framboise is one of my fav vernis color :love:
  13. Congrats on your new goodies!

    And I knew that was a Hello Kitty! I have one that broke off a mechanical pencil that looks just like it :wlae:
  14. congratulations!!! they are beautiful
  15. Heehee, it broke off of a pen I have. I also have a red and light blue one.

    My kids are 7 and 8 yrs old. They had a little help from their dad in picking out a present but they did use some of their earnings from extra chores and savings.
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