Back from Dior @ Woodbury Commons

  1. Well we just got back from Woodbury Commons NY and went to the Dior Outlet. Really cute stuff, here is a pic of what we got. Carlys is the Pink in the middle and mine are the outer two:


    I didnt even know the girly bag came without all the rhinestones and flowers.

    They were all a steal....all 50% off.
  2. great stuff Selena!! I love the Dior outlets because if you miss something when it went on sale at the regular boutiques, you can usually find it at the outlets.

    loveee your vintage flower totes!
  3. Thanks Sweetie! I was totally surprised with the selection. Do you guys know the names of the other two?
  4. the one with the flower embroidery is the vintage flowers line. it's beautiful! :drool: (well all the 3 bags are actually!)

    i'm not too sure about the monogrammed tote on the right hand corner though. i think the pink one in the middle is from the earlier trotter romantique lines (hence the difference - sans rhinestones, flowers, etc - from the girly line). i may be off about that though since i'm often confused about those 2 lines too.

    but great finds! and thanks for sharing those pictures.
  5. Zero thanks for the info!! I appreciate it! They ship at Woodbury Commons just in case anyone wants to order. They had SO MUCH. The vintage was a steal I think at $550! :smile:

    Thanks again for your help! Anyone else have any information?
  6. OH WOW! I love all these bags (but especially the vintage flowers's so beautiful!)!

    I'm not too sure what the Dior logo jacquard bag is called, but the pink one is from the old Dior Pink Trotter collection, and this particular bag is (of course) the Boston bag from that collection.
  7. I think the black one might be one of those for OUTLETS only type bags? It was only $380 so I couldnt pass it up for that. Thanks for the info!!
  8. Hmmm...I think they were actually part of the "Dior Vintage" collection (the collection with Dior classic jacquard and red/black leather trim), so I think this bag was actually at the boutiques for a while. Can anyone verify this?
  9. OK Bluefly has the pink one but in black:

    [​IMG]But they are alot higher then the outlet. I like the black too!!!
  10. good haul Selena!!!
  11. wow, you definetly scored well there!
  12. Really nice haul Selena :yahoo: :yahoo: Congrats!
  13. Oh Selena they are beautiful!
  14. They're beautiful! Congratulations :roflmfao: If you don't mind me asking, how much was the Pink Trotter?
  15. OMG...I'm in love with the middle and left one. How much did u pay for them? I wish I live in US