Back from D.C. Hermes

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  1. I'm back from my trip, and all I bought was......a Hippo lock! He is very cute:love: , but I wish I could have gotten a bag to hang him on. Of course, there were no Birkins, and I didn't like the only two Kellys they had. The Fuschia Ostrich they had had when I called last week was already gone, so I didn't get to look at that. I got on the waiting list for a Birkin, so wish me luck!
  2. Congrats on being waitlisted...what are you waiting for?

    Maybe soon you can hang your hippo lock!
  3. That's great you got to an actual store!! Hope you get your wish soon!
  4. Glad you're on the waiting list! It would have been super fabulous to have seen the fuschia ostrich... oh well.

    What color/size/leather Birkin are you wanting?
  5. I'd like to see your cute little Hippo lock! Which Hermes did you go to? Tyson's Corner in VA? If so, how are the SAs there? Good for you for getting on the list!
  6. Congrats Tammy!!! :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: Getting on the waitlist itself is a feat!!!

    Did the SA say how long you'd have to wait for your Birkin ?
  7. Tammy - the hippo lock is so adorable! You'll get a lot of use out of it hanging it in whatever bag ... or something! I think it's one of the cutest locks I've seen at Hermes.

    Congrats on being on the waitlist. You should post in the thread "Who's waiting next for a Birkin" as we have a list of what people are waiting for.
  8. Wow congrats to getting your lock & getting on the waitlist. That's a big deal in itself to get on the waitlist. Yahoo!!
  9. You know, I asked about a million questions, but didn't think to ask how long they predicted the wait to be:shame: . I need to call back and speak to the SA.
  10. Yes, it's the Hermes in Tyson's Corner. When I called them last week, I spoke to Kevin, who seemed nice enough. He wasn't there when I went in on Saturday, and I dealt with Priscilla, who was very nice also.
  11. I know what you mean. I wasn't in the market for the ostrich, but it would have been great to get to see it!

    I'd like a 35 in togo or clemence. My two fav colors are gold and rouge.
  12. Yay for Tammy!
  13. Thanks! I am going to try there first when it's time for me to start looking. I am glad you got on the list!:biggrin: Hopefully, you will get good news very quickly!
  14. Congratulations Tammy your time will come ready.
  15. That's okay...keep us posted when you find out from your SA! oh, you should post in the "Who's Waiting.." thread started by La Van. We're all set & ready to share your joy when you get your Birkin! :lol: