Back from Cocktail Party @ Toronto Flagship store, got my Grafitti Speedy a friend


Aug 19, 2008
Toronto, Canada
Just came back from the Cocktail Party at the Toronto Flagship store tonight. It was my first time attending one of these parties. I wasn't invited to the party by my SA until yesterday, but that's ok. I was happy that she still remembered me.

Since it was an event for the Sprouse line, I brought my Pink Graffiti Speedy with me. When I went in, the store was filed with every item from the Sprouse line. YES. EVERYTHING including the neverfulls in all colours. My SA told me that it was suppose to launch on March 2/3 (i forgot exactly which one).. but then it came early for toronto cause of the party. She then brought our my zippy coin purse that I've been waitlisting for, cuz i couldn't decide if i wanted it when i bought my speedy... now my speedy has a little friend.. :P

there wasn't any gifts for attending the party.. but they were taking pictures of ppl around the store.. they then printed it out and put it in this card.. you'll see in the pictures i post below.. and they had this graffiti wall.. it was really cool.. real spray paints..

Anywayz.. less talking and more pictures..
btw.. this is my first reveal ever on this forum even though i've been around since last year..
hope you guys enjoy the pictures.. it was until now that i realize i didn't take pic of the neverfulls.. but if you are in toronto, you should still be able to see them around the store tmr at LV @ Bloor St...



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Those are great photos, I bet you had a lot of fun! I love your pink graffiti and zippy coin!! I also like the graffiti card with your picture in it!


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Jul 6, 2008
Lucky it looks fun and i love the how the wall looks. Congrats on you zippy coin!