Back from Chicago... Chores Done... PLAY TIME!!!

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  1. As you all can tell, I was in Chicago last week with DD for Spring Break and spent 3 days hanging out on Michigan Ave (Oak Street too) :graucho: with DD and the Sweet PF'r Mick and our Favorite Choo SA Casey :party:

    It was a great trip and although I was a "good girl" I did manage to try on Numerous Spring/Summer bags and Shoes and come home with a new Bag:blush: to add to my collection and a pair of JC Sunnies :supacool:

    Here is the bag I purchased (sort of - long story, but had to do with a Turquoise Mahala) was from last Spring/Summer 2007 line. It is the White Python Mahdi!!! Kind of a cool bag in the since, you have 2 options for wearing it. This bag did not get a lot of attention (like the Megan) but it is a really nice option. (see below) I am trying to be smarter about my purchases and collect the different styles instead of continuing to buy the same ones in different colors :yes:

    1-3 The Duffel
    4 & 5 The Tote

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  2. More Photos of the Tote & Sunnies

    It was a Awesome trip (the weather was MUCH better than when I went with Jburgh in January) and DD & I really enjoyed hanging out with Mick & Casey :yahoo:

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  3. And Finally DH's New Bag..... :graucho:

    DH remodeling our living room while we were in Chicago and DH got his new "Bag"
    (a 65 inch LCD TV):lol:

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  4. Oh Robyn!! Great story and goodies!! Love it all.
  5. Robyn,

    Awesome!:yahoo:, Fantastic!
    Congrtats on the Newest CHOO's:choochoo: for You!

    And you even bought DH a 65" Jimmy Choo:P' Now that was really sweet!:heart:

    And of coarse Mick Behaved:graucho:, right?:sweatdrop:

  6. Robyn - Finally! I was wondering when you would post pics of that new Mahdi. It is beautiful, and worth the wait. It is light weight?
  7. Thanks varied obsessions & yyz :drinks:

    Yes, Mick was a GOOD girl and did not buy much of anything:P We had a real nice time and DH did finally get his ULTIMATE CHOO :nuts:

    Jburgh the Mahdi is very light weight and I actually thought I might be able to start carrying my Sneak Snake bags......... but yesterday it was 52 degrees and today it has been snowing since 7 am and has not quit :cursing: I have a Frickin foot of snow in my yard:rant::censor:
  8. Great new additions to your Choo collection! I am dying to get to Chicago for a shopping trip! I know what you mean about the same bag in different colors - I swear I could end up with 10 Mahalas within the next 3 years!
  9. Wow! That is a very beautiful bag! Not only the color (which I love), and the :sneaky: snake, but it absolutely looks like 2 completely different bags! You seriously got your money's worth there Miss Robyn! :heart:

    Soooo were you able to convince Mick that she needs to show her face once again here on tPF?? She's been gone forever! :tumbleweed:
  10. Yeah, I still have fun picturing Jburgh in January....during one of the coldest weeks they had all Winter! :P
  11. It's gorgeous!! Were you able to get it on sale? Fabulous bag!
  12. Chicago is a lot of fun and since I have everything shipped, I can avoid their heavy sales tax and not have to mess with hauling it home. Plus seeing my FAVORITE SA Casey:girlsigh:

    That is why I have "downsized" sort of.... It was to the point where I had 4 Mahala's in my closet and a few others....

    I think Mick is going to continue to "be good" :sweatdrop: She has no will power and is actually getting rid of most of her bags :sad:


    Yes, because it was from last year, it was half price. That's what cinched it for me. I traded my Turquoise Mahala for it :confused1: since it was a completely different style and another exotic, I figured it would be a nice addition to my "collection" :upsidedown:

  13. That was BRUTAL :wtf: right Jburgh??

    We will have to plan Chicago better next year:beach:
  14. ^I picture Laverne and Shirley do Chicago when I think of the 2 of you in Chicago...just 2 pals having a great time! :hugs:

    Hmmm....I am beginning to see a trend here. I keep putting you guys in slapstick sitcoms for apparently my own amusement! Oh for me! :P

    But I am so sad to hear Mick probably won't be joining us again....I really like her a lot! :yes:

  15. Tsk, tsk, tsk.... Well, I was raised there so I have pretty tough skin. But I did have to buy a winter coat for the trip. We just don't need those pesky things out here! ;) And besides, I have all that extra natural padding that is a wonderful insulator :graucho: