Back from checking out the new stuff at my Coach store!

  1. :love: Ok, so of course I HAD to pop in there today to see the new goodies IRL....

    All I bought today was a flower charm...I'm trying to be good since Valentine's Day is coming and I just recently got 2 new bags and a few accessories....gotta keep DH happy since I'll be needing some things

    Anyway, the new stuff looks great! They didn't have the pond totes or hobos there, the SA said they were having "issues" with that color? Whatever that means, I didn't push it. And the rose color looks so pink online, but it's really a strawberry color IRL. All the Heritage stuff was out and although I already have the pink medium, I might have to get the blue one day's cute! OH! I saw the baby bag in pink Heritage stripe! SOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!
    Hmmm.....OH, the chocolate brown patent ergos are GORGEOUS!!!!! And the new signature ergo hobos have patent trim and that black one is TO DIE FOR!!!!

    Ok, I'll see what else I can remember and add later.... :tup:
  2. Thank you for the Coach update, denverjenny! I'm going to visit both the Coach outlet and retail store tomorrow to check out all of the new items, especially the shoes :p
  3. I was looking today too. Do you think the white pebble ergo tote would get dirty to easy or color transfer on it ? It's so pretty. The store I went to didn't have the pond either
  4. Thanks for the info :tup:
  5. I'm scared to go check out the bags in real life... already love a lot of them on the website, I may be HOOKED IRL! :p Thanks for the info!
  6. I was wondering about this as well. The tote looks so gorgeous in the new Coach catalog. I imagine that as with any lighter colored bag, you'd have to be extra careful about the color transfer issue, especially when wearing darker colored clothing or jeans.