Back from Chanel shopping in Rome and NYC! Sorry...long post!

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  1. Hello! Back home with my purchases from my trip to Rome and NYC.

    Rome was lovely, we got really lucky with the weather, beautiful and sunny every day. Unfortunately, I was not so lucky in the Chanel boutique and came home Chanel empty handed from Rome. (I did make up for the non-Chanel spending in some of the other boutiques- Picked up some Pucci and some Gucci which I will post on the non-chanel purchases thread.)

    Then it was off to NYC via London Heathrow. I had to check out the Chanel duty free and I was quickly drawn to a certain tote with silver hardware....
    I wanted to buy this tote a few times, but thought it would be too small and just not right for me. (there are no Chanel's in Scotland so I rarely get to see these bags IRL)
    I was wrong. It's perfect for me:tup: This was the first time seeing it IRL, and it had silver hardware, and it was duty free so it had to come with me to NYC.

    When I got to NYC I was on a mission to find those adorable black Chanel jellies. I tried to find them in Rome and in London, but no luck. So I went to Chanel 57th. The really friendly SA didn't think they would have them, but checked in the back anyway. Nope! Their computer showed that the other Chanel had 2 in stock, so told me to head over there. Got to the 2nd Chanel boutique and the guy said, are you are the one looking for the jellies? :yes: Sorry! We have two, but one is damaged and the other has already been purchased.:crybaby: So, I went to Saks. No luck:hysteric: Last attempt was Barney's. I walked in and the SA was walking by with the black jellies his hand! I said ---Please tell me you have a pair in my size? He said no...sorry only size 36. I was crushed. So I started looking at the CL's and Manolo's to cheer me up. A few minutes later, the SA came up and said, listen we have two big boxes in the back and I am pretty sure there might be two pairs in your size in that shipment. It will take us time to go through everything, can you come back later? So he gave me his card and told me to call him later. Something told me if I left that store I wouldn't be getting these jellies. So I stayed, and shopped...slowly!! After I had my other shoe purchases ready to purchase, the lovely lovely lovely SA appeared with a Chanel box and my jellies:yahoo:
    I was so happy I jumped up and hugged him!

    Sorry for the long post:flowers:
  2. great choices!!!

    Is the Chanel boutique in Rome in the via condotti area?
    We're going back in May.
  3. Sounds like you had a successful shopping trip!! Fabulous purchases...cOngrats~!:tup:
  4. I just bought the same sandal, yipiee!!! congrats!
  5. Thanks Swanky:flowers: It's a two minute walk from the spanish steps, not on Via Condotti, but just around the corner!


    Yippee! Don't you just love them? I have never been so excited over a pair of flip flops like this before:nuts:
  6. You lucky lucky lucky!!!!! I love those jellies and the medallion is pretty. I actually like reading long posts esp since yours is so interesting...and ALL about shopping. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!
  7. Congratulations on your purchases, I'm glad you were successful in your search for the jellies! It sounds like it was meant to be! And I have the Medallion tote too and I LOVE it - great choice! :tup:
  8. Congrats on your new purchases. Enjoy them!
  9. I love reading everyone's interesting story about the great purchases! Congrats on you great find. You are so lucky. So, you got your bag DUTY FREE. Is it no tax also?
  10. Love the tote and the sandals! congrats!
  11. love the tote and the sandals! any modelling pics? (:
  12. Beautiful congrats
  13. Love the medallion tote and cute shoes. Congrats!
  14. Congratulations!!!! I love, love, love those jellies!!!
    And Rome and NYC - My absolute favorite places!! Sounds like you had a lot of fun!
    OT but where in Rome did you stay? We found the nicest hotel very close to the Spanish steps (and all the shopping haha)
  15. Beautiful buys. Congrats :smile: