Back from Cali, with a new Gucci in tow! Gucci BH's experience!

  1. I've been gone for several weeks on a fun trip out west with my husband; we started out in Los Angeles (staying at the Sofitel), went to Disneyland (stayed at the gorgeous Grand Californian), then moved on to Palm Springs (relaxed at the Peppertree), and ended with some fun in Vegas (at Treasure Island, will NEVER stay there again. :tdown:)

    Anyway, we were in Beverly Hills to get some Sprinkles cupcakes :rolleyes:, which were the BEST cupcakes I've ever eaten by the way, and I couldn't resist checking out the Gucci store on Rodeo Drive. I was a little hesitant 'cause I was nervous I'd get the cold shoulder when I am used to the very hospitable SAs here in NJ. I was COMPLETELY wrong!! SAs were falling OVER themselves to help people and they were BEYOND helpful and nice! I was pleasantly surprised. I even shopped with Pharrel that day (June 23rd) and he was SO nice to all the younger people wanting to take pictures with him, etc. He talked to EVERYONE until the Gucci security guard actually asked him to move on. I did notice the guy with him who seemed to be holding his MANY bags and receipt had a receipt that MUST have been about a foot long! :wtf: :p Of course the SA was ringing me up and talking to me while this was all going on or else I probably would have taken a picture with him :lol: but I did watch everything that was going on from where I was standing.

    ANYWAY, here is me near the Gucci Rodeo Drive store... wanna know what I got? huh? huh? :p
  2. Yeah!!!!! I want to know!!!! What is it???:wtf:
  3. What a great trip! I go out there several times a year and I love Bev. Hills! I find that the SA's in every store are so friendly and helpful. I especially like Neiman's, Sak's and Barney's...but usually go in some of the other stores as LV and Gucci. Don't do a lot of buying, but a lot of looking and having fun. Which Gucci bag did you get? We all want to know!!!!
  4. Well?
  5. Ok we are waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. What did you get??
  7. I got the new "Royal Hobo!" :nuts::yahoo:

    When I walked in I was INSTANTLY drawn to this bag, I had like blinders on! I love my Minerva sandals so much and this bag just goes with them SO perfectly. I also felt like it was the perfect size (it's fits a lot; water bottle, wallet, small cosmetic case, keys, cell, etc.), and not to mention it's a little funky which I prefer to the more traditional styles. This just had "Jessica" written all over it :lol:

    I was so excited when I saw this bag, actually I was pretty excited once I saw EVERYTHING fall had to offer as far as bags and shoes went. :heart:
  8. I should have taken a better photo of me using the bag on vacation but I guess I wasn't thinking. I was using my Gucci mesenger bag most of the time which I find SO comfortable for all day travel. Anyway, you can't really tell but this is what I wore with it one night in Palm Springs.. with the Sonny Bono statue :p.
  9. Really,really nice! That's the new gunmetal trim,huh? I like it a lot. Is the body of the bag kind of grayish,too?? It is super sharp. Congrats.

  10. No, it's definately not grayish. That up close pic I just took was with my cell phone so it was quicker but the color might be a little off. It's definately the beige/ebony.

    Here is it on the gucci site, MUCH better picture. :yes:

  11. Congrats on the new purchase! I love this bag!
  12. Congrats! Great bag! Glad you had a good experience at the store!
  13. Great bag -congrats!!
  14. wonderful bag, congrats =]
  15. Congratulations on your new GUCCI!!!! Very nice bag! :yahoo: