Back from Bermuda, missed TPF!!

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  1. Hello all! I just got back from a one week cruise to Bermuda-had a blast. We were at St. Georges port but visited a beach in Hamilton via ferry. Before we had to get the last ferry back we walked along the shops and stopped in front of LV. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to shop but I had to have my picture taken in front of the store (see att). I gotta say, the white Suhali bags in the window were TDF! :drool: Anyway, I missed everyone here and can't wait to catch up on the latest. :smile:
    Bermuda Louis Vuitton.jpg
  2. Welcome back!!!!!!!!!!
  3. ohhh thats a great pic! i've never seen a LV like a intimate boutique...i LOve IT!
  4. Welcome back!!! Greattttt picture of you! Glad you had a nice vacay.
  5. welcome back!

    great pic!!
  6. Welcome back.
  7. welcome back ! you look fabulous !
  8. welcome back!
  9. Welcome back :smile:
  10. wow! you certainly looked like you were enjoying yourself. I would love to live in Bermuda, damn, why did my parents decide to move back to England!!!
  11. welcome back!
  12. Welcome back!! Looks like you had a great time on your vacation --- you look great in your picture! I love looking at LV storefront displays and yes, those Suhalis are gorgeous!!
  13. love the pic and your shades.
  14. Welcome back, lovely picture!
  15. Welcome back!