back from an awesome vacation...look what came home with me!

  1. So, I just got back from a wonderful two week long vacation, which included a stop in wonderful Las Vegas.

    As some of you might have known, I have been pining over the black medium caviar classic with silver hardware, as this would be my first (and hopefully not last) Chanel!

    After receiving some amazing service from the SA at the Chanel at the Wynn, I came home with this. These pics I've included are an example of how fantastic this SA was. She even said, "I know you'll be on a plane with this, but since you're buying a classic, I really wanted to give you the full Chanel're going to feel so special with this bag!". Here it is! I was so impressed by the wrapping, and so sad that I had to take it apart!
    chanel bag.JPG chanel box wrapped.JPG chanel box opened.JPG classic med in box.JPG
  2. Ohh, congrats on your black medium cavier. It is great that you were able to have the full boutique experience. Enjoy it.
  3. My brothers fiance just got the SAME wallet at the Winn! You two hang out?
  4. Great choice! Beautiful classic bag!:heart:
  5. Beautiful, congrats on your new bag, enjoy wearing it.:drool: SO lovingly wrapped :tup:
  6. Aww I have the same bag, I just took her out for the first time this weekend. Just love it!
  7. a beauty, congrats!
  8. That is very lovely ... I wish my bag came wrapped like that!
  9. Oh my!
  10. Congrats!! gorgeous.
  11. Absolutely gorgeous bag! Congrats ~Moi~, glad you finally got it. Enjoy. =)
  12. What a great bag, and the way it was packed and wrapped is just beautiful!
  13. it's gorgeous!!! i'm so happy you had a great experience like that too!
  14. It's really beautiful and I love the Camellia flower they give you.
  15. Aww, what a sweet SA!! :heart: That boutique is amazing… I stopped in there when I was in Vegas and loved it! :nuts: Ohhh, and of course your bag is absolutely beautiful too :drool:… you can’t go wrong with a classic flap as your first (and hopefully not last!) Chanel!! Enjoy it, and congrats!!!! :yahoo: