Back from AC with the Fall/Britt!

  1. My husband and I went away for a getaway and he treated me to this:


    So adorable. LOVE! I wanted the britt forever but wanted the black but liked the red/green background of the brown, best of both worlds here!!
  2. so nice, congrats. love the britt!!!!
  3. yeah wow! Is that patent or the shiny material? I haven't seen any fall ones in real life. I have the brown leather one as a hobo from last year. I Love the green/red as well. That's the reason I didn't get the black, so now this is a nice bag!:tup:
    Picture 167 (Large).jpg
  4. Its like a patent but techincally is a pvc coated twill with patent leather trim. Its liight weight and you dont have those fingerprints. Its also more durable. Ireally like it. :smile: Its not a shy bag, expect lots of attention when you wear it. Got lots of looks in the casinos.
  5. It's gorgeous, congrats! And I love the AC store!
  6. oh I bet! The more I look at it the more I like it! It somehow has this gucciness to it that not many bags have. Like in my opinion the Indys don't seem very Gucci to me, but besides the G ornaments, it *looks* gucci...doesn't it? Or am I being weird..
  7. NO I know what you mean. This really is a special bag. It just caught my eye. The large boston is really nice too but this is more suited to my lifestyle. Go check it out in the store. Much more gorgeous in RL! :smile:
  8. Congrats! Gorgeous bag!
  9. VERY NICE!!!!! :heart::yes::heart: PVC coated canvas is what the LV bags are made of. Do they tell you that this is a long lasting materiel? I really like the looks of it a lot.

  10. Its not a thick as the LV canvas. Its a twill coated not canvas so its thinner but I did try to scratch the one in the store (the girl told me to!) its really very well made. I think its going to hold up really well. Its cheaper then the leather only $1150 which I was pleased with!
  11. WOW its gorgeous!! Congrats!!!
  12. oh wow thats a great price. I just posted something about the colors in your thread in the fendi forum. Got confused lol.
  13. Very Nice!! Congratulations!! Love The Look Of The Bag.
  14. congrats!
  15. Congratulations! I like the AC Store as well.. LV and Gucci very close to each other.