Back from a weekend!

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  1. I finally got over to the mainland to see the BBags for real! :nuts:

    Remember this city bag inthe 1st pic? I was trying to decide if it was a keeper in a previous thread. In the end I did decide to exchange it and came home with a new blue Day!

    I fell in love with the style as soon as it was on my shoulder and the leather was fab! My favourite SA was away, and the girls were not sure of the actual colour, they said it was 07.

    I think it is Ocean, am I right?

    I also saw the most gorgeous mogano GSH city, which also had me drooling.:drool:
    SmCity1.jpg DaySm02.jpg DaySm04.jpg DaySm07.jpg DaySm08.jpg
  2. Beautiful shade of BLUE!! Great choice, Enjoy it!
  3. lovely! glad you exchanged the city for something you really love!! :tup:
  4. Thanks eliza!

    I really like this one :smile:

    We are getting a huge wind storm,:nuts:power is logging off for now..
  5. I love your Ocean Day!
  6. Beautiful congrats!
  7. love your blue day!! congrats!
  8. Very pretty bag! Congrats!
  9. Good choice! I have an ocean city - the color is amazing! Congrats!
  10. Beautiful leather & color - congrats!! :tup:
  11. [​IMG]

    :drool: Stunning....what a GREAT choice! Love it!!
  12. Such a rich lovely colour. :yes:
  13. ISLANDNAN Great Choise:woohoo:!!!!
    sHE's perfect, smooth and silky!CONGRATS!!
  14. ocean? really? it almost looks like EB and turquoise had a baby! LOVE IT!!! Esp in the Day style!
  15. That Day is glorious!~ WOW!