Back from 5 canton road Hong Kong

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  1. Hey fellow TDF, this post is quiet late but I just got back from my hk trip and wanted to share some photos from the new canton road store. They have an amazing display its really beautiful! Silver for the central store and gold for the Tsim sha jui store as their theme for the concept stores. The display is so amazing so "bling bling" they even had the mirror alma on display for looks but no touch!!!!!! NO FAIR!!!!!!!! :hysteric: I did go to the grand opening of the Tsim sha jui store! VIP only event but I did get to see a lot of superstars from hk at the launch party and a lot of other really famouse or rich people. There was this big line outside with the photographers and the rest of the locals, so I managed to sneak inside the shopping centre pretended to be shopper and found the back entrance to LV was and saw the celebs coming out of the store to the VIP party on a boat or in a dock somewhere very secretive, I followed them to the carpark and then they were chaufered away in LV MERCS!!!!! The cars where moving so fast and they security guards won't let me take photos but it will be in my dreams forever I wish my store will renovate soon then maybe we can get invited to the launch parties too.

    Oh while I was snooping around I saw the exotic watercolor speedy it is the same size as the 30 to 35 and it is to die for!!!!!!! :tup::yes::tup::yes::tup: and plently of limelight clutches from last season actually I was really surprised I though they would be carrying the gold one to go with the theme, I saw a few stars too, it was so silly I wasn't going to stare but my husband happened to go to the toilet and I so happened to be standing there waiting for my darling husband to carry my "TEN" shopping bags so I managed to catch a bit of the action, I definately get the magz next week with all the insider goss for you. My husband is such as sweety carry all my shopping bags.

    It was such an amazing sight much bigger than any logies or oscars! Hope everyone enjoy the pictures, I managed get hold of the small wallet and charms for a special friend but no bellvues unfortunatly, inital stock is sold out so have to wait until they sell the display stock in a few weeks time.
  2. Please post the pics! And what was in those 10 shopping bags?
  3. sorry for the delay there was some technical probs had to fix hope you guys like them!

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  4. from left to right
    1> The LE zippy coin purse inside is gold too to go with the asian theme! GOLD = money lots of money it has 5 canton road hk on the plaque to celebrate the opening and limited to 1 per customer I managed to get two one for a special friend!
    2> Gold MC Marilyn TDF!!!! the best one of all the MC marilyns!
    3> The ultimate opening celebration collection gold bellvue, 5 canton rd key chain, mobile phone strap and a bigger zippy
    4> One of the heels only 40 pairs made in gold and silver with the shoe address printed and the shoe no on it gold 5 canton road and silver landmark central hk I think
    5> Men's runners too bling bling for a guy though but I think they had to make something otherwise they guys will feel left out! haha
  5. nice... i wonder if they will have these when they open a flagship store in singapore. ;x
  6. ^^ I am expecting an air show above Orchard. LOL... or an LV race car since Singapore is the hosting country for F1.
  7. Thanks Cynthia for sharing with us, it sounds like you had an absolute ball! How patient is hubby! ;) I LOVE the Marilyn with the gold trim. What is the gold trim made of do you know? I hope it's not exotic. Was it available for sale there?
  8. This is the only picture I managed to sneak from the 3rd floor for the store from the entrance oh there was the chow yan fat gallery too, nice picture deep and meaningful but I was distracted by the bags, there was MC beverly in black too, all the mahina XL colors and XS my aim was to buy it but I got distracted! Oh and there is a special bags bar on the second floor so amazing! you can sit and go "I want to see this this and and this!" hahah with drinks too! It's like a mini private room I guess there are for the tourist too for silver service, I think it is better than the paris store hmmm... or maybe not or yes cant decide I luv all the flagship stores, central, canton road and paris. Next trip LV stores in US!!! haha I luv the bling but I was seriously blinded needed sunglasses while I was in the store hahah I was temped to get a pair of sunnies but hubby stopped me he was getting too tired from all my shopping bags haha!

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  9. I managed to get to the store on the 3rd day because there was a massive line on day 1 and 2 freaky HK people, I didn't get a chance to ask about the marilyn but from the material I think it is the mirror material, I didn't notice the marilyn instore actually I was blinded by the mirror bellvues and gold suhali lockets! There was a mini suhali locket which is really cute but was 10 000 HK to expensive for a little keycharm... oh couture creature are you coming to the melb meet? max brenner?
  10. I LOVE the MC Beverly's in the last pic!
  11. :drool: The Marilyn is really tdf! That gold trim :love: and the Suhalia Locket, sigh...

    Is there a melbourne meet? When and which Max Brenner? Gotta check my schedule first :yes:
  12. im sooo jealous! amazing photos thanks for sharing :tup:
  13. Please show us what you bought!
  14. Thanks for sharing!
  15. Thanks so much for sharing!!!