back from 1st LV experience, 1st bag...mixed feelings!


eat me
Nov 8, 2006
Are you guys sick of hearing about first experiences and LVs? Sorry, had to share anyway :P

Ever since I've found TPF I've found myself lusting/drooling after LV bags...have been spending an insane amount of time being addicted to this forum reading about everyone's LVs...finally decided on THE one. After reading so many posts about how the first LV experience is really unforgettable and should be experienced in the boutique, I decided to screw saving the $40+ sales tax and forego ****** in order to enjoy this experience. :rolleyes:

I was totally excited!!! Never thought I'd be stepping foot into a LV store :P However...My SA (king of prussia mall) acted condescending, bored, as if she was tired of her job. When I asked to see the bag, she pulled one out folded in a dustbag from under the counter. It kind of looked worn, presumably because it's the one she whips out to show everyone. She laughed at me when I asked if she could find a made in France one, and said it was impossible to find those now. She kept implying that bag was their only one. I had to ask her several times, are you sure you don't have another one? She finally said, we have another one, but you know...they're identical. I said, can I just take that one instead? She seemed annoyed, and whips one out from under the counter folded in its dustbag, plops it into a paper bag, and hands it to me. I paid, and walked out thinking, "wait...that was it? wtf? what kind of experience was that??!" The more I walked around, the more I was like, at least I deserve a box, instead of just a dustbag plopped into a bag. It felt so cheapened, you know? I also remembered from TPF that everyone got really gorgeous boxes with their LVs. So I headed back to the store and asked for a box. The SA came out holding a folded box, and was like, uh this is our only one, it might fit, and proceeded to fold and bend the box until it was small enough to fit into the paper bag, and stuffed it in right on top of my new LV.

Anyway! I walked again very disappointed and annoyed with the experience, but when I took it out, I realized how perfect it was and how much I loved it :love: As I was looking it over, I saw it was made in France, just this past November! My 1st thought - what's wrong with that SA??? So clueless? So I thought to myself, the most important thing is that the bag is gorgeous, just forget the bad experience. Still sad though. :Push: Anyway, just wanted to share, and ask if this is normal? Do the SAs usually just hand the bags over to you folded in dustbags and that's it? Don't you usually get them packaged nicely in a box? If so, I think I'd rather shop from elux from now on...

oh ps, i got a damier speedy 30 :yahoo:


Nov 4, 2006
Most of the time I don't really notice how they treat me. I'm more engrossed with the purses!

I always get good treatment, I think. Most of my items are in boxes or envelopes but not with ribbons. Only my Speedy and my Soufflot did not come in a box.


Jun 8, 2006
Congrats on your 1st LV:yahoo: What was it?:graucho: . Sorry to hear that your first experience isn't that great. She sounded really rude to me:yucky: . I always get my purchases boxed and only once they did put it in an envelope, which I went back and ask where's my box:P.


Nov 10, 2005
:sad: so sorry to hear about ur experience...I've been inside the King of Prussia LV store several times and was always treated I'm sure you won't be treated like that by most other SA's there! One time (this is a few years ago, though), one of the SA's even gave me a free set of keys...I was shocked that there were strangers who could be so nice! But I'm so glad you got a wonderful damier that was also MADE in FRANCE...


Feb 12, 2006
I've always gotten professional and courteous treatment. I've also had my purchases packaged nicely, too- if not in a box, then at least in a gift bag that's kept closed with an LV sticker or two. As far as ribbons, I've had that leathery string type stuff, but nothing more official than that.

I'd be upset if I went through what happened to you, too. I think it's hit or miss with some SA's, but congratulations on your new speedy! The fact that you held firm and asked for a non-display model is all that matters. Enjoy!
Aug 27, 2006

I take it you went to Boston...My one and only experience with that store isn't something I'd want my worst enemy to repeat! Hands down the worst experience ever in a LV store...

Sorry, when I went there...walked out dejected and hubby took me over to Neiman Marcus to the David Yurman counter...they were beyond wonderful!

Glad they didn't get the best of you! Your bag is gonna be awesome! Enjoy the Damier!