Back frm Paris and.....

  1. So I have just gotten back from Paris it was a very quick trip.
    I didn't have much time so first thing I went to the Printemps, no Claire but a nice asianlooking guy.
    And there I stood in front of the mirror and just couldn't decide: Black RH work, Steel SGH work or partime...I was a bid afraid of the 07 work to be not a deep black (hard to really see this inside) but in comparison to a black SGH work it looked a bid faded.
    So after much back and forth I ended up choosindg the steel SGH work placed it on the counter and...........

    :amazed: saw that the hadles were kind of mismatched one was actually a bid larger, longer than the other.
    I asked if he had another one but it was the last.....

    I really was tempted to get the bag anyway but then decided against it.

    Sooo dissapointing in my frustration I ended up buying a totally diffrent bag, brand etc...
    It's gorgeous but :s
  2. sorry to hear that... but if thats the case, then it was not meant to be... the perfect one will come along very soon! hang in tight!
  3. Ah I will be there in two weeks, doesn't sound too promising then. I hope your other bag is great though!

  4. Oh it all depends what your looking for they did have a lot of bags but just not the one for me. And if you have time you cancheck out BalParis too.
    my other bag is really totally diffrent.
    I posted it here:

    Ali That's exactly what I say to myself but I still feel kind of frustrated.

    With quality issues like that I just don't dare to order via LVR or phone anymore.
    I don't like to return etc...
    Next time in Paris will be in november but I hope to find a work before that.
  5. So sorry to hear that you didn't have luck with a Bbag, but your new Longchamp is AWESOME!!! I just love it! Congrats :tup:
  6. Thanks ambreit it's very difrent I really like it but can't stop thinking about the steel.
  7. Cat you should get the Steel:yes: why didn't you?:confused1:
  8. Oh Nanzie I really wanted it lay on the counter and I was ready to pay but the only one left had missmatched handles and I didn't have time to check ou BalParis....grhh
  9. What style was it? Do you like the Work or PT?
  10. it's a Work, Nanaz. her story's on first post ;)

    catcat > the longchamp's cool. i think its cool to get something different from your usual thing :yes: hope you find your perfect Steel Work soon:smile:

  11. Thanks glossie and Nanzie for consoling and trying to help. I really like the Longchamp usually not that much into their bags but this is really quite unique but still searching for "my work".
  12. :nogood: don't worry catcat:
    I'm sure your perfect steel will appear somewhere: just be patient.
    The bag you bought is very nice anyways, so enjoy it while waiting :smile:
  13. What a disappointment. W/ B's unpredictable quality, it really is scary ordering these purses on line and not getting what you want! I'm just glad that you were in the store to see the purse.
  14. Thanks Babi you're right but unfortunately patience is not one of my greatest qualities....:shame:

    wantmore that is so true I am a bid scared to try online. (had a couple of dissapointing story's ordering sight unseen but also one amazing one)
  15. It just wasn't meant to be:shrugs: , I like that longchamp anyway, congratulations.
    Hey did you loose some more weight? Looks like.