Back and wanting new LV!

  1. Ok, so, I've been a little MIA for awhile. Sudden deaths, busy wedding plans (2 weeks away!!), crappy weather, new crappy eBay troubles and just stress (been a real doozy)...sooooooooo, I need some new LV, which I haven't gotten for awhile to help me cheer up.

    After seeing wintotty's stunning Dentelle Fersten, I almost fell over myself. I need to get something Dentelle. (preferably THAT one, lol) Now...I have been so out of touch with my SA's and 866 lately, I gotta make some contact today. Regardless I wanna just go to LV and blow $ on something there, anything there. I was thinking about the Beverly MM and the Rivets Pochette.

    Hope everyone's been well and getting lots of beautiful new LV, must sift through the threads some today :yes: . Bye for now. xoxo.:heart:
  2. Oh no, sorry to hear about all the stressful stuff but WELCOME BACK! A LV purchase definitely is a great prescription after a horrible week or month! :graucho: I :heart: the Rivets pochette! Do keep everyone updated on what you decide to get!
  3. Beverly MM - love that purse!!!
  4. Hi Gayle!! Glad to see you again! I think your absolutely right--a nice trip to LV (for anything) is bound to make the stress a little easier!!
  5. Do the rivet pochette. Its cute.
  6. oops
  7. *I'm new* *hi!*

    and I'd say go with the Beverly................XXL!!!

    Hope you feel better! (I know you will)
  8. Sorry to hear about your troubles. I say go to LV, have the SA bring over whatever catches your eye and take your sweet time. The right piece or pieces will talk to you. Both the Beverley and Pochette are great choices. Can't go wrong with either.
  9. Welcome back!
  10. Go to LV:lol:
  11. Hi Gayle! Good to see you posting again!!!
  12. So sorry to hear..... but......Welcome Back!:flowers:
    Take a trip to the boutique, and enjoy your LV experience! You'll feel better soon!:heart:
  13. Welcome back, I think a nice trip to LV is just the thing to make you feel better.;)
  14. Thanks ChenChen, tr444, BagLadie, Lulu *hugs*, LAmakeup, slayer and everyone else :heart: !! Good to be here, missed my home at tPF!

    And welcome Frozen_Alaska, this is an awesome place and great to see you, hope you have lots of fun!!!

    It's too late to go now but I shall definately this week to get off some major steam and pre-wedding jitters, lol! :nuts:
  15. welcome back! check out the new epi ivoire soufflot. it's gorgeous. just what you might need to cheer you up- with a matching dentelle wallet maybe. good luck!