Back and forth on Chanel Jumbo :(

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  1. I have always dreamed of owning a Jumbo Flap. After recently learning of the November 1st price increases, I have been putting more and more pressure on myself saying if I ever get one it has to be before the next price increase.

    And lately Ive been back and forth saying no thats crazy and too much money and thought of getting another bag with similar purposes like the quilted shoulder MJ bag (not sure of the name), but find myself staring at people carrying their Chanel's.:cry:

    Is there another bag that will help me forget this, HELPP!

    I appreciate any and all advice, thanksss.
  2. Hi,
    I'm actually in a rather similar dilemma as you. Do you mean the MJ Large Single? I have that too and I think it serves very similar function to the Chanel Jumbo, which is why I'm holding out against buying a Jumbo. I also find the Jumbo to be too "boxy" for me. If I were to buy a relatively bigger sized Chanel flap, I think I will settle for Reissue 226. For now, though, I'm uncertain whether to buy a M/L classic flap, because I already have some flap bags, tho not Chanel.

    Just sharing my similar dilemma...not sure if it helps in your decision making. If I have the dough, I will go ahead and buy the Jumbo before the next price increase!
  3. haha get the chanel! I have been looking at the medium flap, which has gone under even WORSE price increase! like a 800 bucks increase. imagine my anger! lol.
    I also looked at the MJ Single, which I used to think was really cute! but after TRYING ON the Chanel flap at the boutique, the MJ really, does not even COMPARE. The Chanel was just so beautiful and timeless, really does transform your whole look.
    I'd say, save up and get the Chanel, that's what I am doing! good luck:biggrin:
  4. Ok, not to encourage you to buy something you can't afford (I don't know your situation) but for me I bought a MJ Single and it did NOT scratch the Chanel flap itch. I only got over it for like a week. It just didn't kill the lust, and I ended up selling it. For me nothing compares to Chanel, and I can't even fathom why except for that it must be an emotional thing.

    I am furious with Chanel with all the price increases... but yeah... still lust HARD.
  5. Never settle. You have identified the bag you want and if its too expensive right now, keep saving or buy pre-owned. The MJ is nice, but the Chanel will always be in your heart.
  6. If the jumbo is (one of) your Holy grail then you must get it. There can't really be a 'replacement' because the true 'value' of the bag is not the price tag, but how much it means to you to own a Chanel jumbo that you love and adore. I think (and should have done so myself!) you should go in store and see it again in person. If it makes your heart skip a beat, then you will know it is THE bag for you. And once you get that feeling in your heart, no other bag can "make do" and replace that feeling!! Trust me, I've been there and done that way too many times ;)
    Good luck and let us know what you decide!
  7. IMO you should definitely get the Chanel. If you settle for just any old bag, it wouldn't be worth it because you wouldn't love it. DON'T SETTLE!
  8. i agree with most of the comments here, don't settle on something else, save up or buy pre-owned... follow what your heart says. its definately a tough decision especially with the money factor and the price increases don't make it any easier.
    good luck with it all.
  9. I recommend that you wait for the Bloomies sale and get one from them, as you will get a significant discount. If you settle, you will end up buying more bags just to satiate your lust for the one you really love so just wait for the perfect sale and grab one. Goodluck and just to let you know, I know exactly how you feel.
  10. get the jumbo Chanel ~ if it works out w bloomies promo even better!
  11. What is the increase like? I bought a medium last Aug and a maxi this not like I can compare the prices. Anyways, I agree with most of the ladies here, save up and get the HG bag you want and love. Don't settle for something less because eventually you would still yearn for the HG bag you wanted in the first place.
  12. I also agree with the ladies. Save up and get the bag you LOVE. Maybe you can try to buy a used one in good condition to save some money? The Chanel Jumbo is a classic bag and you will love it for years to come :biggrin:
  13. Thanks for all the responses! I wouldnt mind buying a pre-loved bag. I think another part of my issue is I am afraid I woudlnt get enough use of it. I wouldnt use it for work and I usually use my Balenciaga City for the weekends as it is not such a flashy bag. (Sigh) Still kind of confusedd....

    BTW... the Bloomies promotion you are referring to the F&F?
    Do I have to open a CC for the discount, and how much of a discount is it?
  14. 10% is normally for new credit card account holder. 15% does run once a month. 20% has promot 2 or 3 times per year.

    F&F discount is excluded Chanel handbags.
  15. There's definitely nothing wrong with buying pre-loved.
    I can't even look at the prices in the boutiques let alone afford it (at least for now :P)

    tbo I don't use my Chanel as much as I would love to.
    But when I do use it I feel so fluttery inside.
    I'm hoping to get another one soon .. pre-loved of course ;)

    good luck with your decision OP