Back already with a Spa Question



Hello ladies, well I didn't stay away for long did I? I've resisted the forum for 4.5 days a record for me but in the meantime I've noticed some marks on my oak bays and oak ant after the spa treatment I gave them and want some advice in how to rectify this. I gave both bags a treatment with the Lord Sheraton balsom and they both looked much better for it and then I put them away. Today I used oak bays and noticed a powdery white residue in patches on the bag. It is more obvious in the grains so all I can imagine is that as the cream has dried out it has become stuck in the grain. I did try to rub it well and kind of smooth out the grain with my fingers inside the bag but it hasn't worked.

So can anyone suggest anything to make these bags look better please? It makes them look even drier than before I nourished them which is obviously not the intent. Should I use anything else to improve the appearance or will it wear off in time? I even considered wetting them with a fine spray and buffing vigourously but chickened out.

Thanks a bunch. I'm off to see if I've missed anything exciting.

Mulberry Ellie

'Ells Bells!!!
Feb 15, 2009
Cotswolds, UK
Hi hun

Would flexing the leather (where the excess cream has dried) loosen the white residue so you could get a soft brush gently into the grain?

Im guessing that keeping it dry would mean it would eventually lift or flake off the bag.

Dont do anything rash (like I usually do) and lets see what the other girls have to say. I think Poppy BF siad she had had the same issue - perhaps she has the solution.

Dont worry hun, we will get it sorted for you.

Ells xx


Nov 23, 2009
Cambridge, UK
If it's in the grain have you tried using a baby toothbrush (i.e. a super soft one) when polishing? I've not tried this myself so would recommend a batch test first, but it may jsut need further buffing and this might do it.


Jan 1, 2010
Welcome back bluecat. 4.5 days is actually a long absence - I hope it did what you wanted it to do!


Nope Lola - I'm officially a lost cause so should just give in to every urge!


Jan 24, 2007
ooh - I was going to Pm you about the Sheraton stuff as I've just bought some and applied it to my Ellison!!! I kinda applied it then polished it off straight away as it did seem to stick in the grain. maybe you could go over the bag with a different cleaner or lotion and it would remove the residue? I've use collonil premium lotion without any problems in the past. Now on tenderhooks hoping Ellison doesn't develop white patches!


Sep 12, 2008
yay welcome back Bluecat - sorry to hear about white bits, I can't help much about it but hope some of the advise above will help!
Feb 22, 2008
Hi Bluecat! I have that same experience with other cremes. When applied it has to be rubbed right away! But the white did disappear after a while and after a few rubs.


Sep 2, 2008
Northern Ireland
Hi Blue, sorry to hear about the white patches on your Bays. I haven't used the Sheraton cream yet (found some today in the same Tesco where I couldn't find it the other day - should've looked in the house care section rather than shoe care :Push:smile: but I have had a similar thing happen with the Clark's cream.

To rectify this I put another light layer of cream on in one small area at a time, rubbed in really well and then immediately buffed off. This worked a treat for me, but the Clark's cream is very different to the Sheraton cream which contains beeswax. It's probable that spraying with water wouldn't make any difference whatsoever.

Good luck and let us know how it goes!


Jun 25, 2009
Welcome back bluecat - I was going to suggest a toothbrush as well, and maybe some baby wipes? Good luck, hope you can fix it !

Poppy bagfan

aka Poppy Dogfan
May 31, 2008
Hi bluecat. Yes I am having the same problem. I used a toothbrush as the SA in BS suggested, and I have done 3 collonil gel treatments now inc using the toothbrush immediately after applying the gel, to work it out of the grain then buffing with all my might. It works, but my problem is then once I collonil spray the bag, within 24 hours the white powdery patches are back again. I am beginning to think that the problem is the collonil spray. Did you collonil spray your bags after the cream treatment? Has anyone else found this with collonil spray? I totally drenched alexa in collonil spray on mon night and she is worse than ever. Will try to attach pic but am on bb and dunno if poss.