Back Again! Gucci Virgin, which one to get first?

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  1. Im back again, ive decided to def go for a gucci bag but now im debating on which gucci! This will be my very first gucci I own, Ive attached pics of the top contenders and im also open to other ideas based on experience with them


  2. I love the Marmont line so that is a great choice. Have you considered the 1955 Horse-Bit shoulder has such a vintage vibe. Good luck!
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  3. Well I just purchased the Marmont small in black. I feel I’m a little late to the game with this bag but I always liked it. I feel like this can go from casual to slightly dressy while the other style you chose seems dressier. But that’s just my opinion. I’m an LV girl so I am still looking at my bag before I take its wrapping off the chains to make sure. Such dilemmas we have. Good luck deciding
  4. I know, I have so many LV that I wanted to start really building my collection with more brands! I have tried on the marmont and dionysus in store so many times I think the sales people think im crazy lol but I want to make sure its right decision too
  5. My vote would go to the them all! I feel like the Marmont is a bit more versatile, and I love the softness of the leather. The Dionysus is very cool, but that clasp is heavy. It adds significant weight to the bag, and I can't see myself wanting to mess with lifting that heavy clasp to get in and out of the bag. Show us what you choose, and have fun with your decision! :smile:
  6. I just feel like the marmont I see it everywhere! Like its super trendy, but i rarely if ever see the dionysus
  7. I think for the leather, design, and popularity, the Marmont is of great value. Small is a good size, this is the size I'm currently considering too.
  8. It’s true that the Marmont is very popular....but I never pay any attention to trendiness or hype surrounding a bag. I feel like that causes people a lot of buyer’s remorse, following trends. I only buy what I love, and what works for my life/use, so that doesn’t usually occur to me when I’m considering a bag. But everyone’s bag buying criteria is different! I think you’ll be happy with your choice as long as you stay true to your criteria.
  9. Yes, I tried both the mini was way too small and the medium was too big for my frame (im 5'2"). The small was perfect
  10. Can you tell us why you like those bags and the current style of bags you have? It will give us a better idea of what may suit you.
  11. I love the marmont because it looks like I can use it when i dress up or down as an everyday bag, and i love the dionysus because it looks so elegant and its unique plus when I tried it on in person it just looked stunning! My current bags are 3 LV speepys (damier ebene, azur and monogram), Tory burch Chevron black large purse, and YSL enevelope bag :smile:
  12. I am a Dionysus fan but it is a heavy bag and I prefer cross body bags so the mini really only works for me. Having said that I bought the Marmont and returned it straight away because I felt that because it was so light, it didn't feel as well constructed as a Dionysus.
    I'm sorry I'm not much help!
  13. Is the Marmont really light even with the chains? Or are the bronze chains lighter than they look? Sorry to bombard this thread as I'm trying to decide a daily workhorse bag but are unsure between the Marmont small or Soho Disco. Thank you in advance.
  14. Thats exactly how i feel! I tried on the marmont and I felt it was so lightweight, and like it would lose its shape so easily
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  15. The chains are lighter than they look
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