Back After Coach Hiatus

  1. Oh I've been lurking for a couple of's been so long since I posted anything but have been on a Coach ban for awhile, but that, like my diet is OFF! Yea!!
    You girls are making me addicted again, and I'm just getting caught up with past Coach bags that I had been dying for.
    Now on the hunt for a Peony tote and waiting to see what else comes up for Spring!
    Sounds like there is a new outlet opening in Allen in summer-bad news for me sorta considering it's about a 2.5 hour drive....
    Anyway, keep all the good threads coming and wonderful pics!:tup: By the way, I wonder if Scribble is gone for good now, anyone heard if they are going to do another Scribble for this year? I kind of got the feeling last year that it was the end of the Scribble line...???
  2. Welcome back!!!!
    I too am looking forward to the Allen Outlet opening. At the moment the nearest outlet is about 4 hours, so I have only been there once.
  3. really? why would it be the end of the line?
    i am hoping the are doing a new one, last year it was out in march, so soon!
    and i wanna see the new hamptons weekend stuff too!
  4. I'm SO looking forward to the Allen outlet...though it's kind of bad, considering Allen is only about a 20-30 minute drive for me. I have a feeling I will be stalking the merchandise!
  5. Welcome back!