Back acne ?

  1. I have been breaking out in my back a lot lately. Does anyone know of a great way to combat back acne without leaving scars? I tried benzol peroxide and loofah to scrub my back...
  2. scrubbing the back won't do any good. since it would irritate the acne more.
  3. If it's an area you can reach, just take plain old rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball and rub it in. You're actually making it worse by scrubbing the bumps with a loofah. Spreads the germs around and loofahs store germs like crazy!

    I was 40 when I remarried and had a backless wedding dress. I got my fiance to rub my back with alcohol soaked cotton balls every night the last few weeks before the wedding so I wouldn't have zits on my back on my wedding day!!:yes:
  4. Start using facial cleaner on your back. Do you think its caused from the sumer heat/ sweating ?
  5. Try Neutrogena Body Clear body wash with a SOFT loofah on a stick (they sell them at Target--those plastic mesh loofas on a stick). Use that ONLY on your back and acne prone areas on the body as that is very drying.
    Also, your hair conditioner may also be causing the acne. Rinse out shampoo and conditioner with your head 'flipped over'. The conditioner can slip down your back and block pores. AFTER washing and condtioning hair, use the Neutrogena body wash on your back to clean up any possible shampoo/conditioner that may have slipped back there. Hope this helps!
  6. BTW-- Shampoo, conditioner, and other hair products have lots of pore-clogging oils and other goodies in them. Keep hair away from face and back and your back should get a little clearer. Wear 'breathable' fabrics when working out too.
  7. Hmmm...thanks guys...I think it might be the new conditioner I am using that causing my back breakouts. I should probably switch my routine around a little bit to make sure I got all the shampoo and conditioner residue out.
  8. i used to have the same problem.

    ask someone to give a scrub on your back in the shower...:graucho: ;) with a microdermabrasion kit.

    it worked for me.

    if you don't have anyone to help you out buy one of those back scrubs on a stick (?), i don't know what they're called...and use neutrogena's acne body wash.
  9. Vuittonhammie is right =)
    Its usually caused by shampoo & conditioners. Most of them are made w/ pore clogging waxes & fillers. Try using all natural shampoo & conditioners from well known companies.
  10. I have back ance since my childhood yrs. I have an ugly back and quite a numbers of stubborn scar. This has effect my whole life for not being able to wear halter tops or bikinis just about anything that shows the back. I have yet to find any solution to get rid of the scar.
  11. Awhhhh...I completely understand where you're coming from, and not being able to wear whatever you like because of back acne!
  12. Also, someone didn't mention this so I thought I would.

    I have weird weight gain/loss and that affected my skin; esp. around my back.

    At one point it was like wow..

    anyhow..I gained about 15lbs in a few mos last yr -due to unhealthy/excessive eating and I lost that weight, and an extra here and there through Atkins and I noticed it cleared up my back fantastically. So look at your nutrition intake and see if that might be a cause.
  13. I second and third the posts about conditioner which could be clogging your pores. My hair is now about down to the top of my shoulder blades in the back and after I rinse out conditioner I always pull it to the side and cleanse my upper back with my liquid soap (neutrogena) and maybe a little exfoliating too if I have a breakout.

    While I do not condone sun worshipping, I do find that brief sun exposure clears up breakouts!

    In general, I'd keep hair off your neck and back when exercising, shower promptly after your workout, and use astringents in the a.m. and p.m. I even use hydrogen peroxide as it doesn't overdry my skin.
  14. thanks everyone for all the info about hair pdts and conditioners clogging back pores! i suffer from on-and-off back acne, and until i read this, i didn't know what was going on!

    the mystery is solved! i shall try "flipping over' my head when i rinse out my conditioner and see whether the zits improve! :yes:
  15. mine is so servere I probably need to consult a derma.