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  1. I have 12 eyeshadow holders, so thats 2 freebies.. but I have 5 more, and one empty tube of paint, does that count?
  2. I believe it does. The empty tube of paint counts.
  3. Holy Cow, I get 3 freebies then.. wooooohooooooo! What should I get ladies.. I am feeling overwhelmed.
  4. I just found out they accept the empty lash containers too!!! The hard plastic part, not the trays. AHHHHHHHHH! I threw quite a few out a month ago! DOH!
  5. MAC also accepts empty liquid eyeliner containers. (Which is awesome, because I just happen to have 6 empty ones.:yahoo:)
  6. which ones do you have already? my fav. nude color is High Tea, but might be too pale for some. Viva Glam V is great too (dunno if you can get those in B2M though). if you want glam red lips get Russian Red ;) another MAC classic is 'O'. Is said to suit many complexions
  7. You can't get the Viva Glam stuff for free since the proceeds go to charity.
  8. I want eyeshadows more than lippies. I am thinking carbon since I ran out, maybe Cranberry and Soft brown?
  9. if u go to the mac website, it lists all the different things they take back, which is just a bout everything! and i thought u can only get a free lipstick...can u get an eyeshadow instead?
  10. ^ you can get e/s from the MAC stores but not the counters inside dpt stores
  11. thanx! wasn't sure anymore.
  12. ok.. can I bring back the containers without the sticker on the bottom? I got the stickers off the backs of the e/s and put them on the pans.. will they take them back without the sticker? I ask only because when you bring back 6 and get a free eyeshadow they mark the bottom sticker with red marker. Also I have some holes in the plastic due to burning from the candle. Is that ok?
  13. ^^none of the stores will accept depots. People in other areas have no problem. I'd say give it a try.

    I guess there was a contoversy because people were double dipping. You can return pro pans so people were depotting the regular shadows and returning them (as a pro pan) and then they'd go back and return the plastic container without a pan (because they depotted) and in essence were double dippng. My fav MA told me they only accept in tact plastic e/s containers and they must have the pan and they only accept pro pans that have the magnet and sticker still attached. Supposedly this cuts down on cheaters....anything showing signs of depotting are not accepted. Again, that's at the stores nearest me.

    Good luck! The policy seems to be hit or miss. Check Specktra to see where they suggest going in your area.
  14. Just brought back a bunch with holes in them from the candle and without stickers. They accepted them.
  15. ^^Yay! The ones near me are not very consistent with other MAC stores. I kinda like the pots although I have TONS and they are a little hard to store. :shrugs: