bachelorette party trip!

  1. 2 of my good friends are getting married this summer and we wanna go on a bachelorette party trip u ladies have any suggestions or ideas on cool places to go? we went to miami last year and had a BLAST but we would rather go somewhere we havent been yet. we wanna stay in the US, and no vegas...
  2. NYC or Southern Cali or maybe San Fran
  3. what fun places are there in southern cali..we're all around 23-25 so we wanna go somewhere w/ a good nightlife and fun things to do during the day
  4. NYC is my vote.
  5. No vegas? hmmm...... Scotsdale, AZ has some good spas / nightlife, New Orleans, LA/beverly hills, you said US, but you might consider Mexico too.
  6. LA or NYC if you want lots of stuff to do.
  7. Chicago? Shopping, day spas, tons of choices for nightlife/ clubs/ blues bars/comedy clubs......Wrigley Field if the Cubbies are in town--that's a young part of town(Wrigleyville-Lake View)
  8. Key west!!! Great spas, Kick ass bars, wonderful restaurants and BEAUTIFUL weather!!
  9. We did a low key Atlantic City trip before I got married. Why don't you find like a spa vacation package and just treat yourselves.
  10. i LOVE chicago but one of the girls is from there and she doesnt wanna stay in her home town..key west sounds like fun!!
  11. NYC sounds great for you gals.
  12. I would say something spa-like with lots o' shopping.

    I know some Hyatt hotels & a few NYC hotels have a "Slumber Party theme" package which includes a 4 room loft, spa services in room, several bowls of snacks and an-inroom movie + lots of other stuff.
  13. San Diego is nice. Lots of stuff to do during the day and the Gaslamp Quarter is pretty cool for nightlife.

    Cabo San Lucas (Baja California, Mexico) is a total party town but not so much to do in the daytime.
  14. San Antonio? I have such fond memories of the riverwalk.
  15. Easy....New Orleans.