Bachelorette Party Ideas

  1. Hello everyone! I'm going to have to start planning a bachelorette party soon for a friend, and I need suggestions on where to go? Everyone already goes Vegas, so I'd prefer not to go there. Plus I go there every couple of months. I've already done the whole Miami thing as well. So those 2 cities are out. It'll be at the end of August. If anyone has any suggestions I'd really appreciate it.
  2. There is a hotel in NYC that hosts slumber party type events in a penthouse. They bring up a big snack cart, moves and you get massages & peticures in the room. I'm not sure of the name though.
  3. what city are you in? Or do you want to travel for a weekend getaway type thing?
  4. I'm from San Francisco. Actually it's going to be a week long event. More partying than relaxing. We definately don't want it anywhere near where we live.
  5. Japster, do you have any more info on that hotel in NYC? I have to know about that place. :smile:
  6. you should definitely come to NYC! theres tons of shopping, restaurants and clubs. this one place called Lucky Chang's is a drag restaurant. well the food sucks but it's a very bachelorette place. when i went TONS of engagement rings. the food is ordered family style so pricing is expensive but like i said you dont go there for the food. more of the entertainment. there is a drag queen that does lap dances, a guy going around making penis balloon hats with bubbles coming out, and they play alot of silly games. other than paying for food and drinks, youre expected to pay for each entertainment you participate in via tip. also you have to tip in the bathroom ughhh. the place is small but its really fun. its not glamorous but entertaining!
  7. My friend did part of her bachelorette at Lucky Chang's this summer. She sent me a hilarious pic of her getting a lap dance, in which she somehow ended up upside down with her legs in the air with her head between the legs of the drag queen who was giving the dance. Seriously. I have a pic, but it's NSFW. Seriously.
  8. Arizona has some awesome spas, off the top of my head; Royal Palms in Phoenix, Boulders in Carefree, Enchantment in Sedona. I really liked the Royal Palms and the phoenix/scotsdale area has some really good night life too. Easy flight, without being too close and americawest has a hub in phonix so first class airfare is usually very resonable.

    Also the Ritz Carlton in Half Moon Bay is amazing!!! But that may be too close for you.

    If you do a spa get away, personalized robes are a great gift :smile:
  9. Haha... reading this post just made me realize that there is actually a PLACE called "Carefree, Arizona". Denise Austin does a lot of her shows for lifetime and always says "I'm here in Carefree, Arizona", and all this time I just thought she was characterizing the entire state, not naming a particular location within Arizona.
  10. We're not really looking to get pampered. We want to get drunk and get wild. That Lucky Chang's sounds fun. I gotta look into that.
  11. me and 13 other girlfriends were planning bachelorette parties for 2 of our friends. we didnt wanna do vegas cuz we've been there too much, and didnt wanna do miami cuz we went there last yr...well we coudlnt think of a place, so we ended up booking a miami trip again. we also wanted to party it up, but couldnt think of a better place :smile:
  12. is LA too close?
    its wonderful here!
  13. I love Miami. There's nothing like relaxing on the beach hung over after a wild night LOL.
  14. How about Honolulu?
  15. ^^ That never crossed my mind. Gotta look more into that now. I haven't been there in years, it would be nice to get crazy with my girls there.