Bachelorette - Andi Dorfman

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  1. 'The Bachelor' Lawyer Vanishes in Court To Become New Bachelorette

    2/27/2014 12:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

    There's been a mysterious disappearance in a notorious murder caper in Atlanta ... and TMZ has put the pieces together and the missing person ... IS THE NEW BACHELORETTE!

    There have been rumors Andi Dorfman -- the smoking hot lawyer lady who dumbed herself down to impress "Bachelor" Juan Pablo -- will become the next "Bachelorette".

    So here's our smoking gun that it's true. Andi is currently in the middle of a murder trial in Atlanta and she has mysteriously just taken a leave of absence -- and no one in the Fulton County D.A.'s Office will say why.

    Here's the thing. We've now confirmed that Andi is indeed this summer's "Bachelorette."

    So case closed.

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  2. I just read this.


    I'll probably still watch.

    Every guy better ask her what her religion is :graucho:

  3. Lol
  4. I think all of us saw this coming. So she will have lots of deep, meaningful conversations with all the guys during her season, we can assume.
  5. I liked her well enough but she doesn't seem interesting enough to carry her own show.
  6. It seemed to me that in the limo when she was leaving, that she was saying the exact words that would lead them to ask her to be the Bachelorette. Maybe she already had the job? Remember that there's a huge lap between the time the taping ends and the actual show begins on tv, so maybe this last show was even 'staged' for her to become the new one??
  7. *Scripting* scenes??? What's reality tv coming to, Rowan??? I think you're exactly right.;)
  8. Ha! That was just a wild stab, Boxermom. Surely I was wrong (or just mistaken) in accusing them of that.