Bachelor Pad (2012)

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    Wow. Stagliano, you are such a jerk :lecture:
  2. This was the best finale ever ! Unsure why Jaclyn is so shocked that nick did that to Rachel.... Isn't it exaclty what Rachel did tonjacklyn last

    Wish nick was
    Little more
    Graceful with th win. I agreed with many of his points ( Rachel's I want
    To go home was annoying and he did play the game
    Well) but then he got
    Cocky at the end .... But well
    Played Sir !
  3. Don't know why so many people were mad at Nick. Isn't the whole point of the game to be conniving and screw people over? Rachel just booted her best friend for he money last week...the world is a fair place.
  4. I'm evil cause I LOVED how he played them!! That was BRILLANT! Those girls and their holier than thou attitudes pffft go away you got played get over it, I love that the audience loved it as well
  5. Nick played everyone--probably why so many are mad at him. Michael came off as a double-talker. Or maybe Rachel heard what she wanted to. I hope Rachel learned something from this--turn your back on a loyal friend at your own peril. She ended up with nothing.

    Based on how often Chris mentioned it, his family must have really ripped him for the way he acted on BP. And I agree with whoever said he'd have made an awful partner for Emily and dad to Ricki.
  6. I just got to watch it online and I agree with you. When I first read what Nick did on Reality Steve's website I was shocked and disgusted. But Nick brought up very good points. Really smart play on his part! Next time we might see both people with "Keep" and money split between the others!
  7. I think it was fine for Nick to pick Keep, it was a game show after all, I just did not like how he went all maniacal. I kept feeling like his 'I did it myself' type speech sounded like an interview with a workplace shooter. I got such a bad feeling how his whole persona changed in minutes.
  8. Agree 100%. It was a little unsettling to watch. He was on the brink of looking like a bitter nut job.
  9. ^^Agree with you about what a lousy winner he was--and went on and on about it. He may have the money but he may find he loses some friends with this attitude. If he vowed one thing privately to Rachel with no intention of keeping it, will any woman ever trust him?
  10. I don't think he had friends to lose lol
  11. Anyone see this?

    Jake Pavelka’s former love interest is fighting for her life in New Orleans hospital, and she is said to have little pulse and be barely breathing. How terrifying.
    Click here for more from The Hollywood
    Gia Allemand, star of "The Bachelor" and "Bachelor Pad," was hospitalized late on Aug. 12, and she is in critical condition. Her mother and boyfriend are by her side, as she is on life support, and is barely breathing. Read on for all the details.
    Gia, 29, was taken to New Orleans’ University Hospital “following a serious emergency medical event,” said ABC in a statement. Her mother and her boyfriend, NBA player Ryan Anderson, of the New Orleans Pelicans, are by her side.
    Gia came to fame from appearing on the 14th season of "The Bachelor," where she made Jake Pavelka‘s final three, eventually losing to Vienna Girardi.
    “On behalf of the family, we kindly ask for privacy at this time,” the release added. It is still unknown how Gia ended up in the hospital.
    “@GiaAllemand is on life support w little pulse and barely breathing ..cause unknown 48 hours critical please pray for Gia everyone,” tweeted beauty expert Melinda Farina, a good friend of Gia’s. ”I’m so sad about my best friend right now…how could this have happened to such an incredible person..she needs to come out of it!”
    “Everyone I will keep you posted if I hear anything further right now it’s not good-we all need to stay positive though she’s tiny but strong,” she added.
    ‘Bachelor’ Stars React To News
    “Please pray for @GiaAllemand… A dear friend and one of the sweetest women I know… #powerofprayer,” tweeted Jake.
    Vienna wrote “Please keep @GiaAllemand in your prayers. I do not know details but she is in the icu. Stay strong and I love you. xo,” while her fellow runner up Ali Fedotowsky tweeted “Please keep @GiaAllemand in your thoughts today. She’s in critical condition. That’s all I know. Love you Gia.”
  12. Update: She has passed away

    Bachelor star Gia Allemand has passed away Wednesday, E! News has learned.
    The 29-year-old model, who appeared on season 14 of the hit reality series, was taken to University Hospital in New Orleans on Monday night.
    According to a rep for the reality star, she was listed in critical condition following a serious emergency medical event, the details of which are currently not known.
    It was later revealed that the brunette was placed on life support and had her mother and longtime boyfriend NBA basketball player Ryan Anderson of the New Orleans Pelicans, by her side.
    A couple of hours after the family made their initial announcement, Melinda Farina (who is a close friend of Gia's) tweeted about the ordeal.
    NEWS: Bachelor star Gia Allemand hospitalized in critical condition
    "@GiaAllemand is on life support w little pulse and barely breathing ..cause unknown 48 hours critical please pray for Gia everyone," she said.
    "I'm so sad about my best friend right could this have happened to such an incredible person..she needs to come out of it!"
    Farina added: "Everyone I will keep you posted if I hear anything further right now it's not good-we all need to stay positive though she's tiny but strong."
    Story developing…

    So Sad!
  13. "Bachelor" star Gia Allemand -- who appeared on Season 14 of the show -- has passed away, a family member tells TMZ.

    As we reported, the 29-year-old model had been hospitalized in New Orleans since Monday following what her family called a serious emergency medical event. The details surrounding the event are unclear, but it was announced that Allemand had been placed on life support.

    Allemand's mother and longtime boyfriend NBA player Ryan Anderson -- of the New Orleans Pelicans -- were at her side when she died.
  14. wow! so sad! I wonder what happened as it was so sudden! People are speculating drugs or suicide attempt.
  15. BTW Had no idea that DeAnna married Michael Stagliano.