Baccarat jewelry - pics

  1. I really like some of the jewelry by Baccarat. What do you think of their jewelry line? I don't own any Baccarat jewelry, but I do have a big red heart paperweight that is gorgeous and a clear crystal giraffe figurine which is magnificent. I really like these earings. I wish they were posts.:sad:



  2. I love crystal jewellery - whether Baccarat or Lalique, particularly the rings. I have a variation on the Lalique cabochon ring in green from a few years ago and two other ones, that although technically my size, don't fit me. :huh:

    I don't know about Baccarat, as I don't have any jewellery by them, just a Snoopy ornament (which I love!)! But with Lalique, you seem to need to go up a size or two in the rings, as the hoop is round, not stirrup shaped and they are very wide.

    Of course, you also have to be very careful not to scratch them, or drop them on a hard floor! :shocked:
  3. Lalique has very pretty jewelry too! I was thinking about how easy it would be for them to get scratched or crack and break. Thanks for the feedback. I guess earings would be a safer bet as opposed to a ring ...

  4. My ring (the one that fits!) has been fine, but I think I'm fairly easy on things.

    Also, it's textured (reeded lines of satin and clear crystal), which I think may make it a bit stronger and less vulnerable to scratching.

    I like the way crystal jewellery is versatile, so you can mix it with yellow, or white, gold jewellery, without it clashing.

    BTW, have you looked on, recently, Kat? Some of the Chinese-inspired serpent and dragon jewellery is gorgeous! :love:
  5. I just checked it out. Gorgeous! Very unique! Thanks for the link!:P
  6. I love Bacarat jewlery. I've been looking at it on elux for a long time but have never bought anything.

  7. No problem, Kat! :biggrin:

    Just had a look at Baccarat on NM, I particularly like this:
    Baccarat Hypnotic Large Pendant (Blue).jpg
  8. i always check them out on elux. very pretty to look at but definitely not for me
  9. I Have The Heart & Adore It (Suprise From My Husband!). I Love The Baccarat & Lalique Jewelry....I Especially Love The Crystal. I Have A Few Pieces (Most Were Gifts). I Also Love Steuben Crystal. There's Lots Of Animal Pieces....Very Kat! :smile:

    Chloe I Love That Necklace...The Blue Is Breathtaking. :smile:
  10. I have this one in this colour and in light blue. It's gorgeous and can be dressed up or down. Also had a big transparent starshaped pendant but it's currently at the consignment store waiting to be sold to fund a bag.
  11. I think the necklaces overpriced for what they are. In real life, I think they look much cheaper than they do in the photographs. I do like their rings, though!
  12. Kat ~ The More Pictures You Show The More I Want.........That Ring Is Calling Me!!! :smile: ........I Love Rings...Can Never Have Too Many...Kind Of Like Handbags???? :smile:
  13. This one has been around forever and is cute.
  14. I agree with you.:yes: You can never have too many rings.:P
  15. I'll have to check out the Steuben animal pieces ..... Thanks for the info Bagluv!:P