Babysitting Pay Rates.

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  1. Hi all,

    I am looking for a part time babysitting job and I have no clue what to negotiate for. I know location also plays a part so what if this job were in the West LA location? or how about the Pasadena area? Both cities are in Southern California and are fairly 'rich' cities.

    Also, if it a once a week need, do I collect money at the end of my shift? or should I wait for every other week like most jobs do?

    Thanks! :heart:
  2. I would ask for at least $12 an hour, feel out the family and see what they can afford.
  3. How much additional for more than one kid?
  4. Here in San Francisco, the going rate (for an experienced babysitter or nanny) is on average, $15/hour for 1 kid, and $20/hour for 2. I would guess the rate is comparable in your area.
  5. Thanks so much gals~ :flowers:

  6. That's the going rate here in NY also for an adult babysitter.
  7. I'm in Cleveland OH and we pay our babysitters $12-15/hr for one kid (which is high for our area). However, they are daycare workers with tons of experience too.

    Do you have experience/references?
  8. I lived in the Balt / DC metro area when I babysat and got anywhere between $10-15 an hour for one child...Nights were extra and extra kids were extra. :smile:
  9. I read this and thought, OMG... WHne I was a kid through college in Iowa the rate was $1 an hour. We're talking less than 20 years ago. At the time, the minumum wage was $3.35 an hour, babysitting was $1 an hour.

    Now, the minumum wage is what? Still less than $6 an hour? Yet babysitting fees are $12 to $15 for a single child.

    When did that change so much? What job can a teenager have or even a college age student have that pays that kind of hourly rate?

    Even a top daycare in my area costs $800 a month full time and that breaks down to about $40 a day for a FULL day.

    Whoa... no wonder we never go out - it's way too expensive! MUCH better just to find a couple to swap babysitting with a couple times a month. Holy smokes!
  10. we don't go out much, my kids are past the "baby" stage...but we pay our sitter about $12-15/ hour for 2 pretty well behaved kids.

    problem is, teenagers in our area don't even want to work...they have so many activities. we are losing our current babysitter to her boyfriend, they are inseparable lately.

    when i was that age (yes, in the 80's) i loved to got me out of the house, and gave me my own money. i had boyfriends, but didn't turn down work because of them.

    i don't really get it, i guess parents just give their kids all the money they need kids are going to WORK
  11. Great input ladies.. all I remember from babysitting when I was in HS was I got $100 a week for babysitting my younger cousins during the summer while my Uncle & Aunt was at work .. it was so easy though because they played with each other and my brother so it was more like they just needed an older person in the house with them. Also, my uncle would provide lunch everday so I only had to make snacks when the kids got hungry.
  12. Is there a difference in pay for a sitter who has taken a certified sitter course or CPR vs. the neighborhood teen looking for extra $$ ????
  13. Absolutely! Higher pay for more qualifications / experience.

    I was CPR / First Aid certified while I babysat, was an education major, and also worked at an elementary school :smile:
  14. i'm bumping this b/c we have a great babysitter but she's in HS and i thought we were overpaying her but i guess not...?
  15. my sister pays me $1000/mth to babysit her newborn. i had a friend who's sister use to live in west la and got paid about 15-25/hr to babysit, and finally she became a nanny for a very wealthy couple out there. it helped her pay her way through ucla....