Babyshower mishap, what should I do?

  1. Yesterday I went to my first baby shower. My present which consisted of two baby jumpsuits and a bootie and hat set from Peter Rabbit.

    When the presents were being opened, to my shock, someone had bought the same bootie and hat set!

    Then I had to watch the mother-to-be open my duplicated present!

    I offered to give her my receipt so she exchange for something else. I'm a little embarassed because one of the jumpsuit and B&H set were 20% off and only $13 (AUD) each. She said don't worry because she does'nt mind having more than one set-but do I take her word or should I give it to her anyway?

    PS-The mother-to-be is my boss!
  2. If she truly doesn't mind, let her be. Maybe get something small on the side too just to make it up or something if you feel obliged?
  3. I wouldn't worry about it- I often used duplicates with my girls. I often had to change them 3 or 4 times a day because of spit up, ect.
  4. At my cousin's babyshower we had the same thing happen! She registered for the ugliest baby bags and I refused to buy them, and my aunt had said she just registered for those because it was all the store had at the time... so when I went, they had some better options and I chose a nicer one for her... totally out of the blue, she happened to go to that store after I bought the bag and she found it and added it to her registry... and someone bought it! Lol... so at least I was on to her taste but she ended up with two of the same things too! We both had included the gift receipt so I"m sure she returned one... I'd just pass along the gift receipt as a "just in case" and let her decide if she wants to return it or not... sometimes people feel weird about telling someone they're going to return things.
  5. Don't worry about it. If the baby spits up on it she can change the baby into the exact same outfit.
  6. i had plenty of duplicate outfits so if you're at all worried about the receipt don't give it another thought...i can't tell you how many times babies need to be changed during the day, she will probably welcome having an extra or two! and if she loses one of the booties (very likely as they often fall off) she will have a spare. she can always keep them in her diaper bag for emergencies!
  7. I feel since you offered to make the exchange and she declined, she was pleased with her gifts despite the duplicates. Not all people are that gracious.
  8. don't be embarassed in the least

    baby clothes tend to get washed so often that a fresh outfit is always a blessing

    and even if baby 1 doesn't wear it the new outfit may be tucked away when baby 2 comes along
  9. I wouldn't worry about it! Moms love getting duplicates!
  10. Getting duplicates at a shower isn't at all uncommon. It's not that big a deal. And having duplicates is really no big deal. In fact, it can be very nice to have duplicates!
  11. Not to worry. As everyone said, it's not a big deal -- how were you to know?
  12. I can understand how you'd feel awkward, but from the responses here it's great having an extra set of a cute baby outfit!
  13. Don't worry, happens ALL of the time!
  14. Don't give it another thought! Duplicate outfits are great. Babies spit up constantly & need to be changed =)
  15. i think duplicates are oki for babies.. it's not like they really know what they are wearing.. i mean, they are not that super conscious yet.. hehe..