Baby's having 'mini-hiccups', is that normal?

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  1. My one-week old boy's having mini-hiccups - I had just finished feeding him and now he's been hiccuping for over 30 minutes now. He's asleep and DH's holding him - doesn't seem to bother him at all, but it's scary for me to hear/see it..... are the hiccups normal? Or if anyone thinks it's something else and not hiccups?
  2. What do you mean by a mini-hiccup? I'm not clear on that part. But babies get hiccups all the time and it's totally normal. My little boy used to get them up to six or seven times a day. He'd get really annoyed by then, and it would be like "hic....grumble grumble...hic...whimper whimper..." :P
  3. My little girl gets them at least twice a day, she will even sleep through them!
  4. Kayla had hiccups all the time when I was pregnant with her and she still gets them several times a day. I know it looks like it hurts them but it doesn't and it is totally normal.
  5. Hiccups are totally normal in babies. Not sure what a "mini-hiccup" is though.
  6. My son would hiccup all the time. He would sleep right through them. It's perfectly normal.
  7. like the others have stated it's normal. as they grow and their internal organs mature the hiccups will occur less and less. :]]
  8. They are normal... sorry to say! But if they get really bad you can try gripe water. It works for some people!
  9. Hiccups are normal in newborns and infants. Both of mine used to hiccup all the time, and it would drive me crazy with worry that it was bothering them, but my ped told me that hiccups don't bother babies AT ALL. They are just not conscious of them the way that grown-ups are. My daughter is 4 and she still hiccups a lot, and they don't bother her even now.
  10. its normal..if it seems like its causing the baby discomfort, paining, or they're crying because of it then it would be cause for concern....maybe he drank his milk too fast =)
  11. Completely normal! Both my little one's would get the hiccups so many times a day and it never seemed to bother them at all!
  12. My baby is always "hiccupping" in's weird coz my belly "jumps" every time she hiccups!