Baby's christmas outfit help please :)

  1. My baby girl's Christmas dress is red & white. For picture purposes, should I pair it with black shoes, off white, no shoes, lacy socks only? I am so embarrassed I even have to ask this. :shame: :confused1:
  2. It depends on the tights you will put with it, unless you will use ankle socks instead (it is too cold here for that, but Las Vegas is quite a bit warmer!). Black patent shoes go with everything, but red shoes would be cute, too. I wouldn't go with off-white shoes, myself. They just have a tendency to disappear visually with a bright-colored dress.
  3. I would go with black cute!! Have fun dressing baby up...pretty soon she will be old enough to tell you what she will wear and what she won't!!!
  4. I love the white tights with black patent mary janes with little girl's dresses! Sooo cute and it would look great with her dress!
  5. i agree with the black patent shoes
  6. Thanks ladies. I will go with the black patent leather shoes. With her regular clothes I am fine but with her dress up stuff I can never get it together.
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