Baby's bath time

  1. Hi everyone,

    I just wanted to know how you bathed your baby. I've recently been reccommended this Fisher Price Aquarium Bath Centre. The little sling/hammock thing looks like a good idea for newborns.


    But bathing a baby is something that i've always been weary of. So i was just after a few tips and suggestions on how all you experienced mothers went about bathing your babies, what worked for you and didn't?

    Did you use a special baby bath tub? Which one? Would you reccommend it to your friends?
    Did you just use your normal bath tub?
    Did you use the bathroom sink?

    Please share! :smile:
  2. Great question! I bought a big baby bathtub with a hand held shower-type add on. It also has a removable slanted sling like the fisher price one. I couldn't use mine w/o the sling right now- it makes it much more comfortable for my daughter while keeping her from accidently getting water in her mouth. I picked it over the fisher price one only because when she's able to sit upright, the tub is big enough for her to play in and it will last alot longer. I'll try to find the name tomorrow, but it's a big white plastic clawfoot like tub with the handheld attachment (which I honestly haven't hooked up yet!). I just place the tub in my bathtub, fill it up (it has a sensor that tells you if the water is too hot or cold), and place my daughter in the removable sling thing. When I'm done, there's a drain plug in the tub I just undo and the water drains into the big bathtub. I love it, but it is big and takes up space.
  3. Oh I have this bathtub for my 1st born. I used it all throughout her baby years (0-13mos).

    When I used this baby bathtub, I would always place it on a kitchen sink, since it has those grip thingy to hold on to the actual sink. This bathtub was very easy for me to use.. I can access hot/cold water combination fast (when I needed more for my daugther's bathing).

    I started bathing my daugther in our regular (bathroom) bathtub when she was about 14mos. She loves bath time, so it was not difficult for me to transition her from her baby bathtub to ours.
  4. ^That is the one I used with my first too. Loved the sling when he was a newborn. I didn't get much use out of it when he hit 13 months because he was so tall. Saying all that I probably will buy the same one with this one.

    To the OP, I just put this tub in my kitchen sink till he was about 8 months...then I put it in the bathtub.
  5. I put that same sling into my kitchen sink, worked great!
  6. Thanks ladies :smile:

    echo_23, it would be good if you could post the name of your bathtub.

    twochubbycheeks, weekender2, beana90 and Neeanotherbag, do you guys find the sling for the Fisher Price and the Comfort Deluxe Newborn-to-Toddler Tub easy to clean and to keep clean or is the sling one of those that gets quite grubby no matter what you do? Did you keep the same sling until your baby outgrew the tub or did you find that you had to replace the sling?
  7. ^Count me in for the fisherprice one! I use it every night for our little one, and its great, no trouble keeping it clean at all. We don't really use the sling though, I just hold on to him while I wash him. I like that it has a plug to drain in the sink, and it doesn't leak either. The plug also turns colors to warn you if it's too hot.
  8. I use a bathtub similar to the one posted, but it only came with the sling. My baby outgrew that sling so fast so I practically never used it. I use it in the kitchen sink and I already have a somewhat handhelf show head in the sink to rinse baby off. Works great!
  9. the sling goes right into the washing machine, just hang dry and it's very sturdy, never needed to replace it. I forget exactly how long I used the sling for, maybe 4 months, but baby is almost 1 year and still uses the tub.
  10. I had The first years® Sure Comfort™ Newborn-to-Toddler Tub. It fit great in/on my sink. I did wind up not using the hammock for very long since it caused my daughter to startle (Moro reflex) too much. As soon as I took that out she was much more relaxed in the tub. We used the tub I think the first 6-9 months?, then I just started taking her in the shower with me. Kills two birds with one stone.
  11. Thanks very much for your replies ladies, so far i do like the sound of the sling. I'm just so paranoid i'll be a total clutz and that i'll end up letting the baby slip or something during bathing time.

    Dlkinvegas, we were reccommended during one of our parenting classes that jumping in the shower with the baby is a great way to bond with the baby, because of the skin to skin contact, specially for fathers as babies tend to spend more time with their mothers in their first year. Does anyone have any experience with this and know if it works?
  12. It is kind of hard to take a shower with baby babies. What is easier is to jump in the tub with them, much easier to maneuver that way. They do really like the closeness & warm water.