1. Anyone here had a babymoon?
    Would love to hear where you went and your experience.
    I just booked a babymoon trip to the bahamas the first week of January. I am currently 6 months and will be 26 weeks when we go on our vacation.
    Cant wait...:yahoo:
  2. I'm glad you asked. I was going to ask a week ago, but we had some odd restrictions on our choices that I didn't want to go into. We just booked ours in Mexico last weekend, for New Year's Weekend. We're going to Colima, to the Hacienda de San Antonio Booking so late, and wanting to stay in Western Mexico or somewhere in the Western US, we didn't have a ton of options (Cabo, Careyes, San Miguel de Allende, and Punta Mita were all fully booked already), but this looks super-relaxing for us anyway. We were lucky -- we got the last room, which is the Presidential Suite, so that should be a hoot. Tom & Katie apparently went to the sister hotel for their first anniversary, so I'm hoping that means it's nice...

    I'm about at the same point you are -- will be 26 weeks this week, so 27ish when we go!
  3. our babymoon was to Maui for 2 weeks. I was 13 weeks pregnant w/ my twins.
    My 2.5 yr old DD came too, but the in-laws met us there, stayed down the beach ;) and kept the DD a lot for us:biggrin:
  4. I did suddenly realize that I don't really have warm-weather maternity clothes. Nor am I inclined to get any, since this is pretty much the only 5 days I'll need them. I think I have a few dresses and such that will work, but I will not be at my most fashionable on this trip!

  5. ooooo fun!!! ya i gotta dig out my summer dresses which i think should fit since i love wearing cotton dresses that always made me look pregnant. anyways luckily i went to a butter by nadia sample sale 2 weeks ago and scored on a couple dresses which i can wear different ways...

    i know what you mean about all the rooms being booked! were leaving on the 2nd and i tried to book altantis or sandals and the moderately priced rooms were already booked. i ended up booking at the sheraton cable beach resort so i hope it will be nice.

    im so excited! we def have to exchange babymoon stories!
  6. nice!!! 2 weeks! i wish we had that! i wanted to go to hawaii since dh has never been except for a stopover but its soo far away from nyc=( my sister may get married in hawaii in 2 years so i guess we'll just have to wait till then and bring our lil pumpkin with us=)
  7. i't s SOOOOOOOOOOOO far! LOL!
    Go to LA for a night for fun and then go on to Hawaii:yes:
    It's brutal, even from Dallas :sad: but so worth it!
  8. I'm jealous of all the choices you have from NYC, with the Caribbean so much closer! From California, it's pretty much Mexico or Hawaii. We've gone to Bermuda a couple of times for DH's meetings or conferences, and I don't want to bother anymore. From San Francisco, with the connection in NYC, it ends up being 8+ hours, which is only a few hours less than it takes to go to Fiji! And you can go to Europe somewhere as well, which is just a haul from here. I guess the grass is always greener...

    I forgot that we did a three week trip to Turkey during weeks 10-12, but that was planned before we knew I was preggers. We had a nice week on a boat in the Mediterranean, and then toured the historical sites and Capadoccia. It was great, but not really a babymoon. I'm really looking forward to the Mexico trip as a more deliberate break before baby!
  9. Myself and DH actually went to the Bahamas for our honeymoon in August 06 we stayed at the Sandals resort for 2 weeks at a cost of £7000/$14,000 :wtf: it was not worth even half that so i am soooooo glad you booked elsewhere :yes: I hope you have an amazing time and i am sure you will
  10. I am so jealous! Hope you have a lovely time! :smile:

    I've never heard of a Babymoon before - such a cute idea.:tup:
  11. I leave tomorrow on mine! Will tell you about it when we're back. It's just for five days, so will be over before I know it. Unfortunately, I got a nasty cold over Christmas, so it will be a pretty low-key vacation, but it will be nice to get away.
  12. I found out i was pregnant at 8 weeks (abou 2 months before i was supposed to get married), we weren't planning on having a proper honeymoon because my husband's work commitments didn't allow him to take enough time off work, so we had a few weeks of what we considered our babymoon in England because that's where we got married, we hopped around Europe to see family but to be quite honest i didn't enjoy any of it because my morning sickness was so bad for the majority of the time we were away :sad:
  13. I got to go to Cabo for 5 days when I was about 4 months along. My husband had to go for work and I went along. SO it wasn't specifically a babymoon, but I had a nice time anyway!