Babymoon...when and where to go?

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  1. Has anyone gone on one? If yes how far along were you and where did you go?
  2. Oh I did! I was 6 months and we went to the Bahamas. We had a fabulous time!!!
  3. Did your doc tell you that 6 months was the cutoff time to travel?
  4. DH and I went to Punta was beautiful! I was just starting my 2nd trimester.
  5. We went to Vegas when I was 5 months (first baby). We had a great time, though I was kinda tired of walking by the end of it! And I couldn't enjoy the free drinks on the casino floors!
  6. babymoon...i've heard it all.
  7. Nope. I had a healthy pregnancy and wasn't worried about traveling. I traveled through my whole pregnancy b/c of work so I was fine with it.
  8. No kids, I'm guessing? :smile:

    That's a pretty common term for the last vacation before the first baby arrives...was already entrenched in parenting language 4 years ago when I had my first!
  9. I was just over 4 months, we went to the UK, to get married :P after 2 years of planning our wedding i found out we were preggers about 2 months before our big day :lol:
  10. We went on a 12 Day Southern Caribbean cruise! I was going into the second trimester...we had a blast!!!
  11. We were on a long weekend in Savannah when I got pregnant... does that count? Once we found out we were pregnant, DH took most of our "disposable" income, made some investments, and opened a college fund.
  12. We went to Bintan lagoon resort for a short holiday getaway when I was 5 months plus! We were sipping fresh watermelon juice in the pool bar which was partially submerged in the swimming pool itself! Very nice experience and I got to fluant my baby bump in my bikini!

    Im drooling now thinking about it!
  13. We traveled, which was normal for us. We never thought of it in terms of a "babymoon" - that seems like something the travel industry cooked up to generate more business...
    We went to New York around Christmas time when I was about 5 months pregnant and then went to Vegas when I was 8 months pregnant. Traveling was never an issue since pregnancy was wonderful for me.
  14. We never went on one, sadly. We didn't have the foresight to do so, but I'm glad you do! :smile: Go to Hawaii! That's the perfect place because it may not be as convenient to do so later when you have a little one....most hotel kids' clubs in Hawaii don't accept children until they are 5 years old. Once my youngest turns 5 next year, we'll take our first family vacay to Hawaii! They totally adore kids' clubs and DH and I appreciate the breather that the clubs allow us.
  15. We went on a short cruise at 22 weeks and then Barcelona for 5 days at 23 weeks. It was great!