Babylone vs. Mezzo

  1. I went to the LV store to possibly get the Batignolles or Piano and ended up being torn between the Babylone and Mezzo. I currently have a LH. Help me decide between the two. Also, does the Babylone look too "old ladyish"? I'm a 36-year old professional, but don't want to look like I'm a 76-year old retiree (LOL). Not that anything is wrong with that. Also, I travel with my job, and I think both would be functional with air travel.

    Thanks so much! :smile:
  2. Babylone! I think it's much more unique and less ubiquitous than the Mezzo
  3. I agree--for a professional setting the babylone is much better. I think that the mezzo is a good bag, but can start to look very casual as the bottom ages and gets a little beat up.
  4. I like the Mezzo..the shape of the Babylone is odd IMO. I've been using my Mezzo for about 3 years now (in the rain, carrying school books, as a luggage piece) and it's still gorgeous.
  5. I have the Mezzo & I adore it. I did consider the Babylone at the time but glad I didn't!
  6. i would have gone bh, but that is just me!
  7. babylone! i saw an old lady carrying one today, and she looked to me like one of those people who were trying to be young...i actually stared.
    babylone is a very youthful bag...
  8. Babylone :yes:
  9. I like the mezzo much better :smile:
  10. Love the babylone, b/c its fresh and different.
    I love the damier chelsea more, I'm 51 years old and its a wonderful professional and FUN BAG as well. My 20 year old daughter is begging me for it!
  11. I vote for the Mezzo...I like its shape better.
  12. Have you considered the Chelsea? I have recently seen someone with it and thought that it looks very good-I just think it wouldn`t look so well on a small (like me) person. Otherwise I would prefer the Babylone, the Mezzo with the vachetta would be not so easy to baby...
  13. I love the look of the mezzo, its a bag for everyone
  14. i like the mezzo.