Babylone vs. Cabas Help

  1. I need a large tote for vacation & was wondering if anybody had a Babylone & how you feel about it. I'm in love with the Manosque GM, but my husband thinks it's to big .Any preferences? I need advice, I'm pretty clueless about totes so I thought I'd ask the experts.
  2. I like the Cabas Mezzo.
  3. The Cabas is so classic, it looks smaller than the manosque but the dimensions are larger. I think if it isn't full it may be smaller, anybody know?
  4. I have cabas Alto (which is no longer produced but still pops up on eBay once in a while) and LOVE it!!! I have yet to travel without it. The best $$$ spent!!!:love:
  5. I have Mezzo, it's great for travel..very roomy
  6. I had a babylone and sold it. I loved the way it hung close to your body and it has very long straps. But I didn't like the fact it was very stiff and if overstuffed, it bulged and was hard to zip. To me, for the size of the bag, it didn't hold very much.

    My favorite tote is the Sac Shopping. It's discontinued but you can find them on ebay once in a while. And like Irene said, the alto is also a great tote. I have an alto as well. Both the SS and the Alto are open top totes so if you are looking for a tote with a zip top, the Cabas Mezzo is also a great option.

    Good luck with your search...sometimes the hunt for a new bag is as much fun as the purchase

    Oh - and if you're looking for more of a casual tote, you might want to check out the Globe shoppers (I have pics of the SS, Globe Shopper and my babylone on my ebay Me page, you can see them if you click on my signature link)
  7. I think I like the flat straps on the Cabas better than the rolled ones on the Manosque GM, they look more comfortable. I'm starting to see a trend here with the cabas Mezzo love. I think the babylone may be too skinny for all my stuff.
    You are all so nice to help so quickly!
  8. I didn't like the Babylone at the store, then one day, I saw someone carrying it and was stunned. It looked beautiful!
  9. How does the bottom hold up, do you treat it more than you do the straps?
    On my way to livethelakes link.
  10. I love my Cabas Mezzo. Great Bag!