Babylone question

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  1. Does any own this does it compare to the BH? Is the BH a better shoulder bag?
  2. I have the Babylone - it's gorgeous. It is much more structured (stiffer) than the BH. Mine is the older version with the cowhide lining and it is quite heavy - could carry a laptop, books, etc. if you wanted to without the shape of the bag being affected. It holds a tremendous amount. Also, the straps have a much longer drop - it fits easily over a winter coat. I like mine a lot; the only thing is that it is heavy. My SA told me the newer ones are not quite as heavy because they have the alcantera lining. I think it's a prettier bag - and I got lots of compliments on it - so if you like big bags, you'll love it.
  3. My aunt just got one and its not heavy and she loves it. She got it because it can go over the shoulder. It is a gorgeous bag and I love the shape.
  4. Hmmm I personally don't like it cuz the shape looks weird to me (please don't crush me! lol) and unless you're a really TALL person, I don't think it'll work for the average gal. As for the BH, well this bag is very soft and squishy I find, lacks structure and the side buckles bother me a lot cuz I'd like to increase the bag's "horizontal" capacity. Also, iono if this happens to others, but my BH has really SHARP edged straps...and they often cut into my skin (when I'm just wearing a tank top in the summer)......perhaps mine is still quite new (about 1 month old) and I just need to wear the edges out?????? lol iono....but all my other bags didn't have this problem.....
  5. :greengrin: Don't worry I won't crush you. But you are kind of right about the shape looking weird, it did to me initially online but when we went to the store it looked great. But surprisingly it does work shorter people, my aunt is not that tall. ;) She is about 5'1" (I hope she does not read this) but I think she is shorter than that....
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