Babylone - Collector's Item

  1. It's being discontined and the SA told me that those bags do become collector's items - and go UP in value.

    I'm considering getting the Babylone and reselling it later. Has anyone ever done this?

    BTW, I finally bought the CP today for an everyday bag.
  2. Interesting.
    The only problem with that is that while they do hold resale value, I don't think you'll get as much out of buying one of these as you would say, an Amarante Vernis piece. The Babylone has been out for awhile and I think the LV stores will still have stock after it's discontinued so people will be more likely to buy one new from the store rather than one being resold, new or not. In addition, you probably would lose money selling it on eBay since a lot of times, people are looking for deals.
    I think if you're considering getting pieces to resell, get pieces that are more seasonally limited (i.e. the screen printed pieces like Groom, Cherry Blossom, Cerises etc. or pieces in the Vernis line).
  3. I think buying LVs just for profit resale is very risky and just a gimmick on lv's part to sell more. You will be better holding on to your money and leaving it in fixed term deposits for interests . The only items that went up in prices quickly were the miroir pieces unless you intend to hold your babylone for 10 years or so. The other seasonal lines more or less holds their value if used.:smile:
  4. awww- I'm sad to see the Babylone go :sad: After the Luco went it was really the only alternative to a Cabas Mezzo. But I definitely wouldn't buy one just to resell- they're not hugely popular and I'm sure LV stores will have plenty for the next year or so to come.
  5. Well guess what???? They don't and I want one!!! :-/