Babylone, Brentwood or Never Full?

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  1. Hi Ladies - I posted a question about the Babylone which I was considering for work (needs to hold a digital camera and tape measurer). So I went to LV today - and yes, the bag is BIG. But maybe it's a cool look?

    Then tried the Brentwood in beige Vernis. I liked the size (a touch smaller than the Babylone). But is Vernis leather classic and here to stay like the Monogram. I just think the Monogram is so timeless.

    Okay then saw online the Never Full line, which wasn't in the boutique. Anyone own one of these? Pros...cons?

    I like the St Jacques but the style was really hot about 6 years ago and wondering if it's dated.

    Boy, I should see a therapist! Not sure which way to go. Any thoughts?
  2. my vote is for the Brentwood.. but if you're going to go for a Monogram piece, I like the style of the Neverfull better..
  3. I absolutely LOVE the Babylone- so unique and rare! I prefer that or the Cabas Mezzo over the Neverfull, which doesn't look terribly comfy on the shoulder. The Brentwood is a lovely bag as well- especailly in pomme!
  4. Neverfull
  5. If you're carrying heavy things around for work, then definitely not the Neverfull. And I'd prefer a monogram bag for work...I agree with ValleyOppressed, the Mezzo or Babylone would be better.
  6. Does the Cabas Mezzo bag have other words will it keep from SAGGING. That's what I like about the Babylone and Brentwood.

    I know the sag factor can be casual and kind of charming, but I guess I'm a square.
  7. The Babylone ist a great bag - i own it! And Monogramm is timeless and not sensible for an everyday-bag! Go for it! You will like it!:tup:
  8. The St. Jacques is nice, but very very stiff and hard! I would buy it last month, but i was afraid of this "hard" bag.:tdown:
  9. Atlantique -

    The Babylone ist a great bag - i own it! And Monogramm is timeless and not sensible for an everyday-bag! Go for it! You will like it!:tup:

    You do like the Monogram for everyday?

    Just wondering, do you find it cumbersome?
  10. Nope, no sag that I'm aware of unless it's totally empty. The bottom is structured enough and if you're putting files or notebooks, etc. in it, it will definitely stay in shape. It's really a sturdy bag, I use it for heavy textbooks and it can stand the pressure!
  11. i like the brentwood.
  12. The Babylone is e big bag and I have problems with my shoulders, so I find it for me a little bit cumbersome, yes. All the same I like it very much as an everyday bag. And Monogramm is my favorite for all days and all weather.
  13. I saw the Brentwood on someone for the very first time today and it was to die for. I love the vernis line and always thought that the colorful ones are nice and asked myself why did LV make it in pearl, so boring? Mind you, I have never seen the pear IRL, but when I saw this lady carrying the Brentwood in pearl, I have to say it is one of the nicest LVs I've ever seen. Just lovely.
  14. Brentwood:yes:
  15. I love the shiny Brentwood!