Babyliss vs Dyson Hairdryer

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  1. I have had it for a few weeks now (my BaByliss bit the dust after 20+ years.)

    I love it. I can actually curl my hair in the morning with very little effort. My hair is stick straight, fine and shiny/slippery.

    Here’s what I observed. The curls work and hold much better using damp hair (like in the instructions) and using the cool shot.

    If I put in hair product after I’ve curled it that helps to keep the hold.
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  2. I love my Babyliss. I call it my Baby Bliss! My stylist has used that brand on my hair since 2006. She got me the same one plus the flat iron at cost over a year ago. I have a ton of hair. It takes a half hour to fully dry it. I usually don’t have the patience but at least with this dryer it’s not overheating or dying halfway through. The flat iron is amazing but you need to be SUPER careful with the temp or it will burn right through your hair! I highly recommend both.