Babyliss vs Dyson Hairdryer

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  1. I have thick curly hair and use a Babyliss. I rarely dry my hair 100% all at once. I diffuse it. I just won't spend that much for a Dyson. See no need for it. My hairdresser who does a lot of curly hair said she tried it and wasn't impressed.
  2. I bought a Dyson a few months ago after trying it in a hotel in France. Love it. Dries my hair faster and is lightweight. I don’t find the handle awkward, just different. After the first few times I got used to it. Found it very easy to use. Yes, the highest setting is a bit like a hurricane but I use that for an overall drying and smooth it using the nozzle attachment. It’s weird, but after a few months I still look forward to blowdrying my hair with it. I probably blow dry every two to three days. I got mine at Sephora when they had a 20% promotion. Not sure where you live, but Sephora is having another 20% promotion the next two weekends in case you are interested.
  3. I have used the T3, Harry Josh and Dyson in the past, and I prefer the Dyson My hair is extremely thick and coarse, mostly wavy leaning towards curly, and the Dyson is literally the only one that allows me to dry and style my hair in less than an hour. I think I cried the first time I used it because it only took 15 minutes blow out. But I agree that it does leave my hair much drier than the Harry Josh, so it could be a trade off for some people. I would say that I do not like the diffuser attachment as much so I only use it for style straight.
  4. Thanks for the recommendations.
    When I was just about to buy the Dyson hairdryer, Dyson introduced airwrap styler. I bought it and I absolutely love the tool. It saves so much time and it is less damaging than the conventional hair tools.
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  5. I went to buy the Dyson at Ulta. A hairdresser at the store location suggested I wait until gen 2 Dyson, for them to work out the kinks of the gen 1 Dyson. I bought Babyliss. It still takes a while to dry my hair (I have A LOT of fine hair, not necessarily THICK hair) but I’m happy with the Babyliss. I think I’m going to research the Dyson styler though....
  6. Has anyone tried the Dyson airwrap and complete styler kit?
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  7. I got it instead of the regular Dyson hairdryer and I love it. I use the blow drying/smoothing attachment a lot and I love it. However it doesnt replace a flat iron.
    I love the curling attachments. But my hair is naturally wavy and can hold the curl pretty well, so they work for me. But I have seen reviews where people with straight hair say their curls doesnt last. So you may want to try it in store before buying it. Hope that helps!
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  8. Can you fully dry your hair with the Airwrap? Or is it just a brush styler?
  9. Thanks, this does help. Unfortunately, I have fine long straight black hair. I’m looking for something that can style my hair and give me volume with minimal damage.
  10. If you’re in the UK or Europe, try this blow dryer!
    I tried it while staying in a hotel in London and haven't looked back. I don’t know if they only sell them with UK plugs. I use mine with an adapter. My hair is medium thickness but very frizzy from highlights and this blow drier leaves my hair looking like I’ve used a flat iron.
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  11. I have used the Dyson super sonic since September 2017.. I used my Ulta points nd a coupon to take the sting out of the cost. I use it on medium to rough dry and low with the smoothing nozzle. I am hair styling challenged and it is great to be done in 15 minutes vs 45.

    I ordered the new Dyson air wrap from Ulta as I hope to get the hang of the attachments so I can quit hurting myself with my T3 curling iron.

    Never have used the Babyliss, so I can’t compare
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  12. Me and my husband have been using both for some time. Both brands have pros and cons. Mostly using Dyson Supersonic for it's drying power (I have long thick hair, hubby also). But due to its price and design, you might check other variants, like the ones described in this article.
    As said before, I also have BaByliss which I keep in my travel bag. Quite handy.
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  13. Ugh I know what you mean! Curling irons are the devil. I’m too stylistically challenged to use one of those things
  14. Yes I have the T3 curling iron too and find it so hard to curl my thick hair.
    My hair is naturally wavy but if I put in curl creme, it becomes too curly and frizzy. So I have been using the IGK curl base primer and use the 1.2" curling barrel that comes with Dyson airwrap styler. I love the way it looks!!
  15. I just bought the dyson air wrap and have found the curls don’t last more than 2 min. They completely fall out! My hair generally holds curls for two days with my t3 curling iron. Any thoughts?? Any tricks from anyone they have found work? I don’t know why the stay power of curls would be so different?
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