Babyliss vs Dyson Hairdryer

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  1. Hi,
    I am looking for hair dryer recommendation for thick, long hair. My hair is naturally frizzy and is in between curly and wavy.
    I usually wash my hair once a week, let it air dry and then straighten it using T3 flat iron. I wanted to alternate between wavy and straight hair and got the T3 whirl trio curler during the Sephora sale. After using the curler I realized that if I let my hair air dry and then curl, the curls are not defined and look very frizzy. So I am planning to blow dry and then curl it.
    My hairstylist said boith Babyliss and Dyson are very good hair dryers and since I blow dry my hair 3 to 4 times a month, I should be ok with Babyliss. But I am thinking if I should get Dyson because it cuts down the time and is less damaging? Or because I dont use often, should I get the Babyliss? Is there any other brand you would recommend? Thanks!
  2. Been using the Dyson for a few months. It's a hi end hand dryer for your hair with a really thick, awkward hold. My SO loves it but has big hands and little hair. I do a lot more than 3-4 times per month and would not invest in another.
  3. I bought the Dyson back in December for the same reasons you want it. I also have long, thick hair and wanted to cut the drying time. Agree with above poster that the handle is a bit awkward. Also, on the highest heat and air settings my hair felt like straw after it was dried.
  4. So which one do you recommend? I also heard lot of good things about Dyson including that the hair doesn't get stuck in the unit.
  5. Babyliss! I've used so many different dryers (from low end to high end) and none has performed better than the Babyliss Ceramic dryer. I have long hair and the Dyson did not dry my hair any faster.
  6. I have never used babyliss, so I can t recommend one over the other. Just telling you my experience with the Dyson.
  7. I've tried many, including the T, Harry Josh, Dyson, and just about all the lower end brands too. I find the compact T3 is still the best overall performer, and lightest. I did note, since spotting this thread, Dyson is now running its banner ads on TPF.
  8. I have extremely thick, coarse hair that I dry straight, and have been looking at the Dyson for a while now. I'm glad to hear some honest reviews on it! I wondered if the handle was awkward. For reference, I currently use a GHD Air which I absolutely love, and previously had a T3 which also did a nice job.
  9. My hair is the same. Solid blow dryer is essential, if not an army of dryers! Dyson is on to something, and there are some innovative design elements, namely in the weight and heat distribution. But I suspect it will take a few generations, to get to something worthy its present day price tag and teslaesque lore.
  10. I have a Babyliss and I like it. I have thick wavy/frizzy hair and only blow dry once a week, if that so I can't see spending 300-400 on a dryer.
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  11. Ouch - 400 for a dyson hairdryer? My hairdresser just got me a Rusk Super Freak to replace my ~15 year old Supersalano which she had also gotten for me - $85.00. It’s a strong blower that doesn’t overheat, comes with attachments & should last years & years of use.

    I’ve tried the T3 which I absolutely hated. I have long hair & need to dry it quickly in the mornings - hence strong blow power.

    Good luck!
  12. DYSON for sure... but I think they both are pretty good, however...I personally would choose dyson
  13. I own both and it really depends on how you dry your hair. There's a learning curve with Dyson, how you hold it, etc. You don't have to use protectant product with babyliss but you do with Dyson if you have medium to fine hair. The Dyson generally dries hair faster but leaves the equivalent to wind burn aka straw hair texture. Babyliss on sale you can snag for $50-60 but Dyson is $180-$350 on sale. I use leave in conditioner and only dry my roots so I prefer Dyson for speed. If I actually styled my hair and couldn't afford to be weighed down by substantial hair product I would choose babyliss. Also, it gets wet and humid in my bathroom so I don't store my Dyson in there; it'll short the chips and break faster. My babyliss is hanging on the wall of my bathroom though and I've even dropped it a few times; it's durable with no delicate microchips.
  14. I didn't like the Dyson at all (and I have Dyson everything!) but my hair is fine so from what I've read, I just don't have the right kind of hair for it.

    I got a GHD dryer instead and love it!
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  15. Dyson is like a hurricane. It does absolutely nothing for style and will just tangle your hair with out of control wind. I use Harry Josh. The first day I used it I got compliments on how shiny and slick my hair looked, it has also gotten into better condition.

    Conair Infiniti pro is also a very inexpensive and great hairdryer. I originally bought it for a trip when I did not want to take my Harry Josh, but I found it to be so great I will continue to use it if my Harry Josh breaks. 7DEE59FF-FF10-47DE-AC74-C95B67388122.jpeg